Get your band, clothing, book, album, design or business in front of Steff Metal readers!

Steff Metal seeks to be a positive voice for heavy metal and other alternative subcultures online. We aim to celebrate the joy of being metal without bringing down anyone else.

I welcome submissions from interested metal musicians, PR companies, managers, magazines, writers, designers, crafters or other companies or individuals looking for a place to advertise their wares.

Steff Metal readers are educated, discerning consumers of gothic, metal and counterculture products and services. They consider supporting indie and small businesses among their top priorities.

  • Steff Metal readers are approximately 76% female and 24% male
  • Steff Metal has a Google Pagerank of 4
  • Readers consider themselves active members of the following subcultures: metalheads, goths, punks, steampunks, and Bondage/S&M.
  • Steff Metal readers regularly spend over $200 per month on clothing, accessories, CDs and music downloads.
  • Steff Metal has over 20 000 unique visitors and over 35 000 pageviews per month, and this rate continues to rise.

Steff Metal grows stronger every month, and you can be a part of this Grymn and Epic community!

I accept a range of ad types from standard text and banners ads through to sponsored posts and giveaways. My rates are designed to support small, independent and counterculture businesses, and I’m happy to accept trades and custom campaigns. If you’re interested in booking an ad on Steff Metal and would like to discuss your options, contact me! I don’t bite.  Standard programs start as low as $20.

Steff Metal Design Standards

When submitting an ad for Steff Metal, please keep the aesthetic and content of my site in mind.  If you would like a quote for a custom ad, contact my designer here (she is reasonable!) If I feel your ad will detract from the overall quality or look of my site, or will not attract my readers, I may reject it.

Paid / Sponsored Posts

I accept limited sponsored posts on the blog, and all sponsored posts are marked as such. I also regularly review and recommend products, music or books, solicited or not. You are welcome to send products, music, or books to be considered for the blog. I don’t like to do something for nothing, so if your products meet with my content requirements, I offer advertising or copywriting in exchange. I write no negative reviews, and only mention products I fall in love with and would consider worthwhile spending my money on.

I’m pretty easy to please, so chances are, you will get a mention and a photo and a link, but I can’t guarantee it. If you’ve got something you think I’ll love, flick me an email and I’ll take a look!