August 24, 2011

Alice Cooper in Auckland, September 22

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Alice Cooper

What do Salvador Dali, the Foo Fighters and Bob Dylan have in common? They all have terrible hairstyles, and they’re all fans of Alice Cooper.

With an infamous stage show that has been known to feature anything from simulated executions to chopped up baby dolls or the presence of live boa constrictors, guillotines, zombies and chickens, Alice Cooper’s concert performances are nothing short of iconic and Chugg Entertainment are thrilled to announce headline shows for the master of shock rock this September.

When I was growing up, Father Metal used to play Alice Cooper records while he pottered around the house. Alice, alongside Freddy Mercury and T-rex, was my introduction into the world of rock. Throughout my years of living and loving metal, Alice has been an outspoken and welcome face on some of the best music commentaries and docos. His songs still make me smile.

I finally got to see the man himself, live … well, for a little while … at Rock2Wgtn in 2007, with Father Metal right beside me, and I tell you, even 30 years after his heyday, he still steals the show.

So I’m stoked beyond belief that come September 22, I get to see him again, as he performs songs from his latest album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare – a long overdue follow-up to 1979s Welcome to My Nightmare. The album features guest performances from Rob Zombie, Keith Nelson, Vince Gill and many others. If you haven’t heard it, it’s pretty kick-ass.

If you’ve never seen Alice before – you don’t want to miss this. The show is at the Trusts Stadium Arena on Sept 22, and the Sisters of Mercy have cancelled, so you’ve got no excuse not to be there. Tickets from Eventfinder NZ.

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August 24, 2011 at 5:36 am

He’s awesome. I saw him last May in Buenos Aires and he kicked ass. I can’t wait for the next album.

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