November 1, 2011

Announcing …!

Makes me Giggle, Steff, Tr00 Metal Life

So I know the site’s been a little quiet over the last week, and there was the unfortunate incident where several thousand people searching for the word “hipster” and landing on my site (why? WHY?) ate all my bandwidth, but I’m back, baby. With a cute and insanely metal new project –

CorpsepaintKitty is my new weekly webcomic and art site for heavy metal cat lovers. The star of the comic is Shoggi (short for Shoggoth) the cat, who wants to be the grymmest black metal cat on the block. His hopes are regularly crushed by Metallicat, the meanest, fattest cat in town. But Shoggi and his friends will prove that tr00 kvlt grymm evil black metal will win in the end …

A new comic goes up every Monday, and you can subscribe to receive Corpsepaint Kitty by email. I’m busy uploading my art prints and cards to the shop, and you can purchase the Corpsepaint Kitty t-shirts there, too.

Shoggi has a Facebook page as well.

And, if you’ve got a corpsepaint kitty of your very own, you can submit a picture of your kitty to shoggi AT corpsepaintkitty DOT com. The grymmest metal kitties will win prizes.

I’ve got a shit-ton of comics drawn for the site and great ideas for corpsepaint kitty fun. I would be STOKED if you could share the site with other metal fans on your blogs, Facebook, etc.