February 14, 2018

Artists I love: The fantastical work of Kristina Carroll

Barbarian Home

house of leaves

So I’ve joined this reading club on Facebook for the House of Leaves. It is filled with wonderful geeks, some of whom have read HoL several times. (If you want to know what this book is all about, I’ve written a review HERE). It is taking up way too much of my time right now.

Anyway, people were sharing artwork they have in their homes, and someone linked to a piece Kristina Carroll did inspired by House of Leaves, and … wow.

Here it is:

house of leaves

We are currently framing and hanging some of the stockpile of artworks we’ve accumulated over the years. I have NO BUDGET for new art, but I really really want this piece, or maybe one of the others.



Kristina grew up in Billings, MT and lived in NYC for 10 years pursuing theatre, before settling in Boston. Her childhood was a steady diet of Tolkien, Froud and Gaiman. As a kid, she tried to convince her friends she was actually a fairy changeling. In her art, she’s drawn to mythology, folk-tales, archetypes and fantastical stories.

green dream

Green Dream (for the Game of Thrones card came)

Oil and charcoal are her preferred weapons of choice and she works in both colour and black and white imagery. I love the mystical, ethereal quality to her work. There’s often a fogginess in the lines and the background that make them seem as though the images have come from a dream.

Kristina has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Omni Magazine, Alderac Entertainment Group, The Shelburne Museum, IDW, Realms of Fantasy, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs, and Michael Publishing. She’s pretty rad.

It’s important to do everything in your power to just keep making art. Good art, bad art. It doesn’t matter. Just keep making.” Kristina Carroll.



the bovragar

The Bavrogar

Kristina is also the force behind the popular Month of Love and Month of Fear art challenges. These challenges attract some of the top artists in the industry and allow them to push their art to new heights with inspiring themes and community support.

frog queens revenge

The Frog Queen’s Revenge. There’s an amazing story behind this piece you can read on Kristina’s art blog.

You can find out more about Kristina on her website, Facebook, or Instagram. (PLEASE, no one buy the original House of Leaves, because I’m currently saving for it).

All images property of Kristina Carroll.