August 17, 2010

Asphyxia Corsetry Mini-Goth-Golf-Ball

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On Friday night CDH had to work, so I went out with some friends to play mini golf … but not just any mini-golf. The Transylvania Mini-Golf course in Henderson, Auckland is a 12 hole golf course set inside a black-lit room. Everything glows, and is decorated with skulls, vampires, bats, snow-capped trees, gravestones and crumbling castles. It’s pretty cool.

And what made Friday particularly cool was that the beautiful Ivy of Axphixia Corsetry was putting on a shindig – the Mini-Goth ball. With free Hell’s Pizza (if you don’t live in NZ you are totally missing out on the Hell’s pizza experience), a professional photographer, and the chance to win a prize for the best-dressed, we were pretty keen.

Axphyxia is New Zealand’s foremost corsetry label, and Ivy, the most beautiful rad vegan goth chick I’ve ever met, hosted this Mini-goth ball as a fundraising event for a corsetry party later on in the year.

We arrived just as the last slice of pizza was gobbled up, so we hung around outside and took pictures with Nixx while we waited for more pizza, which arrived soon thereafter, along with more friends. Then we chose our weapons and entered the room of black-lit awesomeness. I came last by only one point, and nearly, nearly got a whole in one TWICE.

Tim kept distracting Ryan by poking him in the bottom with his club while Ryan was taking shots, but he soon found a new game – using his club to peek under his fiance’s skirt, much to her indignation. Despite all these distractions, Tim won, and is probably still be going on about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you all the cool shots from the photographer, Nixx.



My favorite photograph. (by Nixx Clickbang)

I am wearing:

    – Iron Maiden corset, made by my awesome friend Amy (of Northwic) from one of my old knock-off maiden tees. Amy is making me an incredible winter coat and we’ve planning some epic photo shootage later in the year, so stay tuned)
    – white lace shirt, Shanton
    – Black / Orange steampanks, from Steampunk Couture
    – Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots
    – Top Hat, Camden Markets, London
    – Skull armwarmers, MTCoffinz (don’t forget, 10% off at MTCoffinz till the end of the month with the promo code STEFFMETAL)
    – Cthulhu Octopus clip / broach, from Steampunk Couture (you’ll see more of this guy a little later)
    – misc jewelry: big black cross necklace, little bullet necklace (I made this) and little claw necklace (present from sis)

Me with the beautiful Tarah and Jess


I LOVE these pants. I was going for a "Metal circus ringmaster" look :)

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

One Comment on “Asphyxia Corsetry Mini-Goth-Golf-Ball

August 18, 2010 at 6:12 am

I could not love that last shot more – between the ringmaster look (awesome BTW) and the “you men are my servants” expression, it really wins. :D

Gonna come steal your corset and Tarah’s, too great.

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