March 13, 2014

At War With Satan is officially HERE

Metalheads Who Read, Writing Runes

It’s here! My novel, At War With Satan, is officially available for sale as an ebook!

AWWS Ebook Cover

You can purchase it for $2,99US from the following e-stores: Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.

B&N, Sony and iBooks are coming soon.

You can also find all my other ebooks, including my short story collection, The Good, The Bad, and the Utterly Screwed, on my Amazon author page.

Want to know what the book is about? Here’s the blurb:

What if loud music really COULD send you to hell?

All Gavin ever wanted was to drum in a heavy metal band, and find a girl who could tolerate his hair clogging up the sink and appreciate the exquisite poetry of Cannibal Corpse lyrics. When Lou – the mysterious stranger with the voice of doom – comes to Gavin’s small English village, all Gavin’s dreams begin to come true; he falls for Suzie, a cute metal chick with a serious lack of hand-eye coordination, and his band At War With Satan – fronted by Lou, of course – is opening for Spiked Coffin, only the biggest heavy metal band in the world.

Little does Gavin know that Lou’s a demon using their music to recruit metalheads to fight in the upcoming apocalypse. But when the battle goes horribly wrong, Lou, Gavin, Suzie and the reaper Death of Mauling by Particularly Homicidal Badgers set out across Hell to save an innocent girl and stop the triumphant demonic forces relocating to Earth, permanently.

At War With Satan is populated by a cast of motley metalheads, cuddly kittens, horrid heavy metal clichés, reapers, zombies, shades, gargoyles, accountancy clerks and gourd juice. Are you ready to sell your soul for true metal?

You can read short exercpts here, here and here, as well as using the Look Inside feature on Amazon.


Is At War With Satan appropriate for kids/teens?

That depends. Are foul language, demonic forces and umpteen cries of “Play some Slaaaaaaayerr!” appropriate for kids/teens? If so, yes. If not, they will probably read it anyway.

Is there going to be paperback version of At War With Satan?

There sure is! Keep an eye on the blog and Amazon next week, for it will appear there.

How the fuck did you get a publisher for a novel called At War With Satan?

Simple answer: I didn’t. I published it myself. I wrote this book in 2007, and shopped it to a huge range of agents and publishers. It got a lot of positive feedback about the humour, the story and the writing style, alongside a lot of nice rejections because no one could “see a market for it”. I thought they were wrong, so here we are.

That being said, I’ve had help to get this to this stage. Louise Curtis did my editing, alongside my husband, who is rather brutal. Sam Clemerson has helped a lot with marketing and PR advice. I used Charles from Ebook  Pioneers to format the ebook. Christopher from Alestorm kindly gave me a cover blurb, since I don’t know any famous writers. Without all these folk, At War With Satan would be in bad shape. No writer is an island.

Who did your cover?

That would be the amazing Vail Joy, who does anything you see around here to do with design.

I loved the book. How do I help spread the word?

Aw, that’s awesome! I’d love it if you helped me get At War With Satan in front of as many readers as possible.

Here are some ways you can help, in order of helpfulness :)

  • Buy a copy in ebook or print from. Choose whichever site is most convenient for you.
  • Write a review on Amazon and/or on your own website. Be honest – reviews help other consumers figure out if a book is going to appeal to them. Reviews on Amazon also help me move up in the rankings and gain more exposure. If you have a blog or are a book reviewer, then shoot me and email at and I’ll hook you up with a free copy.
  • Buy copies as gifts for all your friends and family.
  • Recommend to everyone: friends, work colleagues, random people on the street.
  • Ask your local library if they could get in a copy.
  • Ask local independent bookshops to stock the print book, which they will soon be able to order through Createspace.
  • Tell any other authors or musicians you know to give the book a read. I could really do with a couple of decent blurbs from writers.
  • Spread the word on social media sites and follow me on pages like Facebook and Goodreads.

I hated the book. You are the worst writer since that Meyer chick first thought, “you know what? Sparkly Vampires … that’ll work.” How do I help spread the word?

Hey, that’s cool. I can’t please everyone. And with a title like At War With Satan, I’m definitely not going to. If you didn’t like the book for whatever reason, you can write a review on your own website, or on my Amazon listing, or simply email your thoughts to me or post them as a comment on my blog. I probably won’t delete them. It helps other consumers to know whether my work is a good choice for them to get a range of opinions.

But you won’t know if you love it or hate it till you read it, so get on it! A tropical cyclone is coming to my corner of the world this weekend, which makes it the perfect time to curl up inside with a good book. And I wrote a good book, so give it a squizz!

At War With Satan is $2,99US from the following e-stores: AmazonKobo, and Smashwords.