August 13, 2010

Behemoth “Alas the Lord is Upon me”

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I was going to write a metal mixtape today, but then I saw Behemoth had released their new video, and it’s pretty awesome. I thought it should get a post all of it’s own.

Never heard of Behemoth? They’re the Polish blackened-death metal band responsible for getting the whole Polish extreme metal scene underway (Vader, Decapitated, etc). When they started, they played in a traditional black metal sound, but with the influence of vocalist Nergal, they’ve incorporated more death and thrash influences, as well as thelemic and middle-eastern themes. They have a VERY distinct sound, and remain one of the more popular underground extreme metal bands.

Recently, Behemoth were involved in a major controversy in Poland. The “All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects” distributed a list of bands who allegedly promote Satanism and murder. This list found it’s way into the hands of many Polish officials, and attempts were made to ban these artists from Poland. A member of the committee also filed an official complaint about a Behemoth concert in Gdynia in 2007, where Nergal called the Catholic Church “the most murderous cult on the planet” and proceeded to tear up a bible, saying “they call this the holy book. I call it the book of lies. Fuck this shit, fuck the hypocrisy.” And yeah, I don’t think generally you should go around tearing up bibles and saying that kind of stuff, but the dude was pretty pissed off that he was on this list of “murderers” and the Catholic Church wasn’t. Fair enough, I say. And, also, it’s part of their stage show, like Alice Cooper hanging himself. It’s part of the art of creating extreme metal.

When asked about the court case and the efforts to get Behemoth banned from their home country, Nergal said this:

“I am shocked; this must be some kind of joke. We’ve been touring around the whole world — United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia — and we’ve not had any problems anywhere. I am surprised that we are being judged by our appearance and that no one even took the time to contact us and ask us what our music is all about. Other than that, come on — there are enough serious matters to be dealt with in Poland! The authorities would be better off spending their time on things that really need to be improved and taken care of.”

Nergal was formally charged in 2008 for “Offending Roman Catholics” (offending someone’s religious feelings is a crime in Poland), but the charges were dropped.

But that’s enough of that. Check out the new video. WARNING: If you find the idea of a Polish extreme metaller tearing a bible on stage, you should probably not watch this. But then again,, I’m not sure why someone who would find a bible-tearing offensive would want to go to a Behemoth show in the first place).

Behemoth – Alas the Lord is Upon Me

So, how’s that for your dose of Saturday morning extreme metal?
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August 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

It’s a helluva video and Behemoth is a helluva band. It’s a shame that Nergal is ill — sick enough to be hospitalized and scheduled for extensive treatments, resulting in the cancellation of scheduled tours through November, including (dammit) the US tour with Watain and Withered).

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