December 28, 2014

Best of the Blog 2014

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I hope you’ve been having a kickass holiday, if indeed you are on holiday. I know many of you are in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is cold and snowy. I, however, am spending my holidays on the beach and in the lake with my lovely family, who have come to stay for a week. It’s been lovely but crazy! Kids are sleeping in my office so I can’t even get to the computer to write!

You probably won’t see a new blog post from me here until after the new year, but in the meantime, here’s a little holiday reading – enjoy some of my favourite posts from 2014. Next year I’ve got so many plans you won’t believe – can’t wait to talk to you in the new year!


5 Prog Metal Albums I’m Digging Right Now – 5 of my current groggy favourites.

2014 Metal Albums I’m Digging Right Now – a sampler of every genre, from Cynic to Agalloch.

The 10 Best Doom Metal Albums of All Time – in my humble but awesome opinion.

Concert review: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – For me, this was hands down the best concert of the year.

25 Metal Songs for Your Wedding – Lovesongs and goat horns – a heavy metal wedding playlist.

Steff’s Guide to Collecting Vinyl Records – one of the most popular articles I wrote this year, about how to source, care for and collect vinyl records.

Total Fucking Darkness: Steff Metal interviews Dani Filth – He was pretty cool.

Books & Writing

Meet the Sunken: An Excerpt from My New Novel – Enjoy an excerpt and meet the Sunken themselves.

Metalheads who Read: 10 Dark Steampunk Books to Enjoy – Some of my favourite steampunk books to enjoy.

A Peek Into My Writing Process – a little behind-the-scenes and inside-my-head.

At War With Satan: Introducing My Favourite Character – read an excerpt from my first novel.

Metalheads Who Read: Too Late to Die Young Now, Andrew Mueller – A fantastic book a friend gave me for my birthday.

History & Travel

Metal History: The Pyramids of Egypt – My experiences visiting the pyramids of Egypt.

Metal History: Avebury Sacred Site – Images and history from my visit to Avebury henge.

Metal History: The Ulfberht Sword – A fascinating look at a particular viking sword.

Metal Travel: 5 Metal Things to Do in Jordan – A roundup of images and stories from my 2009 trip to Jordan.

Steff on the Puhoi River – kayaking adventure with my friends.

On the Road With Steff: Strike of the Beast 2 – On the road with my husband’s band, Skulls.

DIY & Off-Grid Living

How to Make Dark Whisky Marmalade – Got whisky? Got Seville oranges? Here’s how to put ’em together.

Home Brewing: Irish Mead Recipe – I’m starting to share recipes from my home-brew adventures. Enjoy this simple Irish mead!


10 Horror Films that Don’t Totally Suck – 10 of my favourite horror flicks.

Ask a Metalhead: How Do I Feel Good About Myself? – One of the more personal articles I wrote this year in response to a reader’s question.

Drummers are Not Normal – I’m married to one, and I can attest … they certainly aren’t.

Ask a Metalhead: Is Metal Elitist? – My conclusion; a little bit, but so what?

Steff’s 2014 Christmas Gift Guides for Metalheads, Goths, Freaks & Geeks – A fun list of things to buy.

On Being a Star Wars Virgin – When pop culture passes you by.

So … I was on National TV Last Week – A crazy thing that happened to me early this year – I appeared on national TV in my role as an alternative wedding celebrant.

The Post In Which I Answer 100 Random Questions In Order to Avoid Writing My Novel – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in me …

What are your favourite memories of 2014?

The Sunken, my dark fantasy novel, is now available on Amazon.

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