August 13, 2012

Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness – offer for Steff Metal readers

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Update: FULL review of Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness here.

Black Dog are one badass publishing house. Their mission is to produce high-quality illustrated books representing the eclectic side of contemporary culture, and their backlist consists of some pretty impressive works: Old, Rare, New: The Independent Record Shop, Making Stuff: The Alternative Craft Book, and The FIlms of Ted Browning. Now they’re reaching out into the metal readership with Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness.

Rather than taking the more sensationalist approach of books like Lords of Chaos, Beyond the Darkness attempts to transcend the nihilism, destructiveness and Satanic and nationalistic obsessions of some of the more provocative BM tropes, and instead looks at the music as a vehicle for ideaology and progressive thought and expression, while still being a culture deeply rooted in the past.

The book includes chonological history and developments within the genre, band profiles and case studies and groups like Bathory, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Wolves of the Throne Room and Liturgy, commentary by leading experts like music and film writer Frances Morgan; journalist Louis Pattison; The Wire writer Nick Richardson; and Pitchfork editor Brandon Stosuy. Highly illustrated with album covers, previously unseen photographs and ephemera, and beautifully laid out with artful typography, this is a tome that will be treasured by fans and collectors.

I am eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail so I can write you up a full review, but in the meantime, you can satisfy your curiosity by picking yourself up a copy!

To celebrate the release of the Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness, Black Dog Publishing are giving you fine folk a special offer: 40% off the price of the book. To get the deal, simply email with your delivery address and quote “Steff Metal Offer”.

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Joe Rumford
September 28, 2012 at 3:41 am

Check out this new Black Sabbath the birth of Heavy Metal video – insanely good ://

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