Metal Mixtape

metal mixtape is a themed playlist of metal songs for you to enjoy

April 10, 2010 1 Comment

Metal Mixtape: Countess Bathory Edition

Have I got a treat for you all this week! I’ve been a little Countess Bathory obsessed after researching and writing the Metal History post this week, so I’ve made you a special Countess Bathory Metal Mixtape. Some of these songs you metalheads will know, some will be completly new […]

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April 3, 2010 2 Comments

Metal Mixtape: Metal for Easter

This week’s Metal Mixtape has an easter theme. Unfortunately, not many metal bands write songs about bunnies and chocolate eggs, so you’ll have to listen to this selection of songs about crucifixion. Arch Enemy – Carry the Cross I’ve mentioned my love of Arch Enemy before. I think this is […]

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March 20, 2010 3 Comments

Metal Mixtape: Female Vocals

I’ve already done five posts this week, but as a special treat I’m sending you out an extra Metal Mixtape for your saturday listening pleasure. This week, I’m taking a look at “female-fronted metal (and non-metal) bands. Nightwish – The Poet and The Pendulam I’ll come right out and say […]

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March 4, 2010 8 Comments

Metal Mixtape: Pirate Metal ahoy!

Yarrrrrrr! Pirates, the oft-forgotten metalheads of the seven seas. Drinking and plundering and pillaging and sword-fighting and drinking some more, and making up phrases like “Yarrrrr!” and “Keel Haul!” and “But why is the rum gone?” What’s more metal than that, I ask? The romanticised pirate life – more popular than ever thanks […]

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February 25, 2010 2 Comments

Metal Mixtape: Sieben ist meine Zahl

Yet another interesting factoid I’ve discovered from the surveys submitted so far is that you’d like to see more music on the blog. I’ve been deliberately avoiding discussing music in-depth as I’ve been doing that on forums for years and find the whole “intelligent discussion” (read: petty argument over nothing) consists […]

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