Metalheads 101

Your first year university course on how to be a metalhead, taught by professor Steff, who may or may not wear a schoolteacher's outfit.

October 17, 2011 17 Comments

Announcing Metal Guitar week thanks to

When we think back to what first drew us to heavy metal music, most of us would remember the first time we ever heard a metal riff or a shred solo; that loud, rumbling distortion, that soaring melody, the speed of those fingers across the frets. It’s a powerful kind […]

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January 20, 2011 33 Comments

Metalheads 101: What Is a Metalhead?

Last week, in Metalheads 101, we talked about what IS metal music, and boy howdy did it incite some discussion! Genre classifications fascinate me, as it’s essentially a label given to a type of music in order to help record companies market, and yet, it’s impossible to talk to any […]

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