November 18, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas for Gothic Ladies

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Christmas is creeping up on us, like the trailer for “The Human Centipede”, which still haunts my dreams. If you’ve got a certain gothic girl, alternative lady or heavy metal missus to shop for, and no idea what to get, I’ve got a few ideas.

Also, anyone reading this blog who feels inclined to get ME something (ie: Mother, Father and Sister Metal! Hello!) any of the items on this list would go down a treat!

Steampunk Mad Scientist Silver Clip-On Magnifying Double Lens by Velvet Mechanism

Mad Scientist clip-on magnifying double lens, $19 US, by Velvet Mechanism

Velvet Mechanism makes some of my favorite steampunk jewelry and accessories. I already own one of her steampunk corsets, made from authentic WWII soldier’s spats. I am particularly enamored of these Mad-Scientist clip-on lenses. They’re also handy in that they serve a useful purpose for a blindie like me. There’s a lot of really rubbishy steampunk stuff around, but Alison’s definitely is not.


Dahlia ring, black onyx and sterling silver, $80, by Apostrophie

Oooh, so much jewelry on the list this year, and why not? Such great stocking-stuffers (hey, I still have a stocking. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s covered in skulls). from Apostrophie, a California-based jewelry designer, this Dahlia Ring brings a subtle gothic touch without being “Argh, filigree! Blah, vampire teeth and Victoriana!” Not that those things aren’t awesome, but sometimes, a little bit of simplicity adds the right touch. I love large, bold stones like this, because I stare at them when they’re on my fingers.

Journal with Small Shakespeare Art Print - Holiday Gift Set

Journal with Small Shakespeare Art Print - $39.95US, by Immortal Longings

Elizabeth E. Schuch of Immortal Longings, a long-time favorite for this writer, has put out a range of holiday gift sets, featuring her beautiful shakespeare journals and prints. If your lass is a writer, poet or hopeless romantic, she’ll LOVE any of these. My favorites? The Bloody Titus or  Macbeth Witches gift sets.

QUEEN MAB - Neo Victorian Fairy Jewelry - Steampunk Fatale Necklace - 22K Gold Plated - Antiqued Copper Filigrees and Industrial Brass Screws - Real Butterfly Wings with Vintage Watch Dial and Freshwater Pearl - ONE OF A KIND Creation

Queen Mab, steampunk taxidermy fairy necklace, $65US, from Harem Royal

A piece of beautiful jewelry from Harem Royal, this month’s blog sponsor. Roman creates the most incredible neo-victorian pieces using found artifacts, taxidermy elements, metals and pagan / gothic aesthetics. My favorites are Blind and Susanoo.


clockwork bra, $179US, by the Sword

A Clockwork Bra from the Sword. I just think this is awesome. This site also has lots of Manowar-style metal chick corsets, bras and leather bits and pieces, like the triple moon hard leather corset.


Descension Suspension Vest, $105US, by Erin Alexandra Klym

Any of this pretty drapey clothing, but especially this Descension Suspension Vest, by Toronto-based Erin Alexandra Klym. Drapey has been big for awhile, but rarely does one see a designer with the perfect eye for just how drapey should work. Get in quick, though, she’s closing for the holidays on Dec 11th!

Other things on my Christmas list this year: some of the Victorian / Medieval inspired clothing from Shrine, iTunes vouchers, chocolate, “Escape to River Cottage” book, as well as the “River Cottage Meat Book”. Anything from the Necessary Evil range at Kate’s Clothing. this necklace, Kobo ereader vouchers, and … more chocolate.

What are you hoping Odin-claus brings you this Christmas?

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December 11, 2014 at 4:32 pm

My girl is a sucker for gothic jewellery. She’s particularly to Alchemy Gothic which is great for me as it’s cheap! Check out some of their stuff,

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