December 23, 2014

Court of the Litterfey on sale now!

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court_of_the_litterfey small

court_of_the_litterfey smallFairy stories have always fascinated me. Particularly when I discovered that fairies were not the beautiful, kind sprites from my children’s books, but mischievous, often malevolent, creatures of all shapes and sizes. Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely and Holly Black’s Tithe were some of the first I read exploring the ancient myths come to life in the real world, and I wanted to write something that contained that same deep history and Court politics.

Court of the Litterfey started life as an 8000 word short story, which was published in Reflections Edge, a speculative fiction online magazine which collected strange and interesting stories. I was paid something like $10 for the exclusive rights for six months. As an early short-story effort, it was one of my better pieces, although reading it now in it’s original state makes me cringe.

Once it became clear that I’d never be able to finish the next Engine Ward book in time for Christmas, I began to think about some of my old short stories. Court of the Litterfey sprang to mind as something I could rework into a short novel. So I spent a month or two editing, researching, pruning, and adding story until it became something I could be proud of once again.

And now, thanks to the wonders of self-publishing, Court of the Litterfey is now complete and available from Amazon as a kindle book for $0.99c. Don’t rush out to buy it, though, because you can actually get a copy for nothing – if you sign up for my mailing list. I send out emails maybe every month, so it’s not too arduous. You get first dibs on my stories when they come out, free bonus content and lots of other awesome stuff.

And, if you’re into free books, I should let you know that my steampunk dystopian novel, The Sunken, is FREE on Amazon for the next two days. Christmas has come early, folks :)