July 26, 2009

Hamburg – Cthulhus Closet

Grymm and Frostbitten Lands

Hamburg Spire - and ME!

Hamburg Spire - and ME!

I am wearing:

    new iron maiden corset from Amy
    Shorts from Glassons
    Socks from camden
    white shirt from farmers
    NZ safetz boots

Till next time!

happy face because Iäm in Europe!

3 Comments on “Hamburg – Cthulhus Closet

August 8, 2009 at 11:42 am

Hi SheLa – thanks for all your awesome comments!

I’ve known a few people who’ve experienced negative things because of their love of metal, but being kicked out by your adoptive parents – that’s pretty extreme. I have lots of thoughts on this subject, so I’m having a think now about something I can do to help parents understand heavy metal. Not sure what yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Led Zepp aren’t “technically” metal, but without Led Zepp, metal might not have been what it is today … so they’re still cool.

Keep rockin’

SheLa Nefertiti
July 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm

oops – lots of spelling mistakes…

i actually thought I was emailing you, Steff – personally, not posting on the site…

I am an obvious neophyte

(but I do not think Led Zepp is metal!)

SheLa Nefertiti
July 28, 2009 at 7:11 pm

Hi! I read your most-excellent info on making our work (as writers) available to the blind/visually impaired. Years ago, I had some awesome (and hard rockin’, by the way) friends who were 100% visually impaired from birth – they were a riot! I adored them, but lost touch – and I’ve also been interested in making the written word available to the blind.

So, I just wanted to say thanks!

(read it on Hope’s Funds For writers)…

oh – re: your web site – I’m not religious (meaning, I never grew up with the stuff) but I had a friend who was adopted into big-time so-called Christians, who kicked him out at 14 because they believed Led Zeppelin was satanic and if he would not forgo their music and his tee-shirt, he was unwelcome at homer….so, I think you should try to get your explanation about the satanic t-shirts out top people such as that – it may make a difference….it may SAVE LIVES in fact.

SheLa Nefertiti,
Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada

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