July 2, 2010

Cthulhu’s Closet: MT Coffinz

Kvlt Fashion

Here at casa Steff Metal we’re big on supporting independent designers. MTCoffinz has long been one of my favorite Etsy sellers of alternative clothing. So when they offered to send me some winter skull damask armwarmers, of course I said yes! Jinx and her assistant Riven are super cool chicks who are the first indie business to sponsor Steff Metal (you can see their ad in the sidebar) as well as creating some wicked alternative clothing. AND she’s offered a special surprise for steffmetal readers, but you’ll have to read to the end of this post to find out what :)

I own a couple of pairs of armwarmers already, but was never a big fan because they didn’t seem to help much in the warming department – I am skinny and get super cold, even in the tropical paradise that is New Zealand :) But MTCoffinz arm warmers are made of this super snuggly warm fleece, and my hands have been so happy on the frigid cold mornings over the last couple of weeks.


Steff loves her MT Coffinz armwarmers

I also like that they’re not gloves, so my fingers are free to tie my bootlaces, write in my diary, paint, and generally potter about.

To go with the red skulls, I’m wearing this skull top I brought from somewhere on Marketstrasse in Hamburg, a red dress from Smoove, my spider socks, Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots, and the cartouche necklace CDH brought me in Egypt.



Rings galore!

Since I knew I’d be taking pictures of my hands, I dug out some rings. You can see the strange ring of an African man’s head I found at a garage sale 10 years ago, a massive square of metal (a twenty first present from an uncle – he has great taste), a super thick men’s steel ring from one of my BFF’s and my wedding ring – which is modelled from an Anglo-Saxon ring found in a tomb.

The skull embroidery works well because it takes a someone a couple of looks to actually see the skull – at first it just looks like a nice design .. but then, hello Mr skull! I’ve been wearing them non-stop all winter.


More armwarmer goodness:


On my way to a party and a gig

Another Maiden shirt – from the first time I saw them, at Earl’s Court in London. The back says “I spent Christmas with Eddie at Earl’s Court”.


Off to see Sweeney Todd

Here they are just peeking out from under my Tripp NYC jacket.


Red dress from Gallery Serpentine

Now, in case you’re wondering what else you might be able to procure to go along with your arm warmers, MTCoffinz sell a variety of tutu skirts, gothic ballgown skirts, corsets, hairfalls and hair accessories. You can get the gear from three locations – MTCoffinz official website, or either of their two Etsy shops: the main etsy shop – MTCoffinz – is alternative gear and MTCoffinzUnderground is the more gothic, dark grear.


Trashy Green Monster Tutu


Gothic wedding / formal skirt


Alice in Wonderland inspired hairpiece

Now, remember that surprise I told you about. Jinx at MTCoffinz has kindly offered a special discount to Steffmetal readers – if you buy anything from MTCoffinz between now and August 31st (giving you a whole two months to choose something) and you enter the promo code STEFFMETAL at the checkout on the main website, or in “note to seller” field on Etsy, you will get 10% off your order.

(If you’re purchase through the main website, your discount will de deducted from your order on the spot, However, because of the way Etsy works, what will happen is that you will be charged the full amount, and then Jinx will refund you this discount.)

So if you need a mid-summer (or winter if you’re in my corner of the world) pick-me-up, or you have a friend in need of a birthday present, or you want to get a head start on your christmas shopping, I’d pop over to MTCoffinz and have a look.

Yours – the number 1 fan of skull-related fashion

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July 8, 2010 at 1:21 am

@E I think it’s “not having anything for them to bunch on” – it’s a lolita dress, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore. It’s one of those occasions when CDH took me to the shop and said “I want to you buy that cuz it’s pretty”, so I did.

July 7, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Oh HELL yes, I love that tunic – where’d that come from? It’s got a great line, not too tight and not too baggy.

I love layering tees over dresses, but I always have trouble when they’re both jersey – everything bunches. What’s your secret?

July 6, 2010 at 2:27 am

I am in love with those spider socks! My brother’s girlfriend is obsessed with spiderwebs, and I have sent her a link to your site so she can check these babies out!

July 3, 2010 at 3:01 pm

Thanks Leighton – I’ve been looking through all morning – have found heaps of great bands I’ve never heard before, and that Liv Boeree is one cool chick. So awesome blog right back \m/

July 3, 2010 at 6:06 am

Hey Steff.

First up, you have a great fashion sense. The clothes you wear suit you down to the ground!

And I really Dig the Trashy Green Monster Tutu……

Awesome Blog!

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