July 10, 2014

Exordium Mors – the Apotheosis of Death (streaming now on Cvlt Nation)

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Exordium Mors, The Apotheosis of Death.

Exordium Mors, The Apotheosis of Death.

Last weekend one of my favourite local acts, Exordium Mors, had the album release party for their new album, The Apotheosis of Death I was super keen to go, but living rurally like we do means that sometimes we miss out on fun weekend things. I heard it was an incredible show, though, which would make sense, considering this is a standout album from a solid, imaginative band.

Exordium Mors play blackened thrash along the same vein as Impiety, Nocturnal Graves or Destroyer 666, and I’ve reviewed them before. But this isn’t just a homage to extreme metal in 3-minute bursts of chaos – this is a release of tight compositions, raw, heavy riffs and pure, unadulterated destruction. Composed in six parts, this intense album is to be savoured, like a fine wine.

Advancing this band’s already considerable compositional skills, the Apotheosis of Death also soars above their other releases in terms of production; the mix packs a whallop, with the vocals and drums in particular punching through.

Just look at that album cover. You know you’re in for good things.

From the killer opener, “Axiom”, to the last screaming notes of “Unto Lightning Swords of Conquest”, Exordium Mors fill your ears with savage vocals, sick drumming and layer after layer of intense, colossal riffage. Every punishing riff, every chaotic movement shows you that this is a band who understand what makes extreme metal awesome – that it has to be more than just noise. It can be powerful and glorious, too.

Favourite tracks are “Blade of Brutus” and “The Apotheosis of Death” but really, the whole thing is wicked. A must-listen for anyone seeking complexity, brutality and originality in extreme metal.

The Apotheosis of Death is streaming now on Cvlt Nation. If you’re keen to hear what I consider the next up-and-coming extreme metal act from NZ, I would get over there NOW and give it a listen.

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