November 25, 2011

Five Finger Death Punch Photography Competition

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Following the release of their third album, American Capitalist, Five Finger Death Punch (currently on tour with Hatebreed and All That Remains) have announced a photography competition. The winning photograph will feature on a special edition Five Finger Death Punch merchandise item.


All you have to do is submit a photograph that represents “American Capitalism in Action” by the 28 November 2011. You can learn more and submit your photos by checking out the official notice HERE.

The winner (chosen by the band) gets their picture featured on a Five Finger Death Punch merch item. They’ll also receive a lifetime supply of passes to the band’s shows – that’s worldwide, too. You’ll ALSO get a special edition “knucklehead” latex mask, a signed custom stake deck, 12 cases of Monster Energy Drinks, and $500 bucks. That’s a pretty sweet prize.

Three runners up selected by the band – as well as three runners up selected by fan vote – will have their work featured on the band’s Facebook page, as well as a signed box set of American Capitalist, a special edition mask, VIP tickets to a Five Finger Death Punch concert and a signed poster.

Since many of you metalheads are pretty creative, I know you’d be able to come up with something wicked, even given the short deadline.

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