May 28, 2018

Support a timeless watch and a cucumber bollard on Flopstarter

Makes me Giggle, Tr00 Metal Life

Flopstarter project

Flopstarter project

This is hilarious. A guy named Oli Frost (he once played the recorder on American Idol) started a site called Flopstarter – a place to back really terrible ideas. You can legitimately back projects like ‘Mole-skins’ – moleskiene-style notebooks made from the skins of real moles, and ‘cucumber bollards’ – using the terrifying nature of cucumbers to scare cats away from the road.

Or how about backing the Vintage Food market that serves you other people’s leftovers in organic paper boxes? Or a disposable tissue pillow so you can cry yourself to sleep at night?

I love this idea that even terrible ideas deserve a chance. It kind of goes along with the entire ethos of crowdfunding. If you want it, back it, and it will happen.

Oli’s other projects include Lifefaker – a startup that helps people fake their perfect online life, and Sarcastic Samantha, an app that reads your ideas back to you in a sarcastic voice. He’s currently working on a site called NFN (Nice Fake News) that delivers fake content that’s uplifting.

He sounds like an awesome dude to have a drink with.

My (real, totally not a flop) Kickstarter project will be launching June 1. Keep an eye out!

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Caroline Åsgård
May 29, 2018 at 6:17 am

Omg amazing!

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