June 4, 2011

Free Music Download: That Devil Music – Compilation of the Damned, Vol 1

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I was fretting about the subject of this week’s metal mixtape, but luckily, the team at That Devil Music have taken care of it for me. The boys have come up with a killer compilation of 18 songs from bands they’ve been talking about on their blog over the last couple of years, including Ana Kefr, Wildestarr, and New Zealand’s own Legacy of Disorder. You can get The Compilation of the Damned, Vol 1 for FREE over on That Devil Music.


That Devil Music – Compilation of the Damned Vol.1: With Friends Like These…

Malebolgia – Degrading Succession
Ana Kefr – In The House of Distorted Mirrors
Sargon – In Contempt
WildeStarr – Rose in The Dark
Bloodsoaked – Suicide
Legacy Of Disorder – This Time
VYGR – Shapeshifters
Malastrana – Fake Hero
Psilocybe Larvae – Sleepwalkers
Points North – Vast Horizon
At Our Heels – Unholy
Lords Of The Trident – Face of the Enemy
Gypsyhawk – Guidance
Fatal – Slaughtered Conscious
Isolation In Infamy – Unison Of Beasts
Dynahead – Ylem
Sabre – Whore Instincts Defined
Hemoptysis – Shadow of Death

The key to a good compilation is to a) have a decent mix of unique sounds to keep it interesting and b) order the songs correctly so it sounds like an album rather than an iPod on shuffle. On both counts this download comes out a winner. For me, the standout track was Ana Kefr’s “In The House of Distorted Mirrors” – who managed to bring elements of death metal into their progressive sound without sounding like an Opeth clone. The varied vocals and riffs in this song fit together to create a solid piece. I’ll be buying their album “The Burial Tree” for sure.

My other favorites are VYGR’s post-metal stoner doom ditty “Shapeshiftters”, the kick-ass “Rose in the Dark” by Wildestarr (Dave Starr’s band – formally of Vicious Rumours and Laaz Rockit), which manages to combine gothic elements with a power metal / thrash sound in a way that hasn’t come across as ridiculously cheesy, and the prog-jazz sound of Brazil’s Dynahead. Classic metal lovers are going to enjoy “Face of the Enemy” by Lords of the Trident – I love songs like this, where you can tell how much fun the band is having.

I reviewed Hermoptysis‘ debut Misanthropic Slaughter on the blog before, so it’s cool to see those boys closing out this compilation. It’s also great to see Legacy of Disorder – some local NZ boys – making an appearance.

If you wanted some free music to round out your weekend (especially if, like us, you’re celebrating the Queen’s continual state of permanent mummification with a day off work), shoot over to That Davil Music and grab yourself a copy of the Compilation of the Damned.

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October 4, 2011 at 11:19 pm

I have just listened the devil music and great fan of it. Thanks for sharing such marvelous songs,

June 5, 2011 at 9:39 am

Thanks, Steph. The first time around we had the track list differently and it didn’t flow quite right. We rearranged it and it seemed to work much better. The Isolation In Infamy and Sabre tracks were a late addition, so they were just kind of thrown in to the end of it. As you said, it’s quite the mixed bag of tricks here, throwing you around a bit with the different subgenres and whatnot. Thanks for the link and feedback. It was fun to make, but a lot of work.

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