July 14, 2014

Funeral Fog

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The view from my house earlier this morning. Definitely got Mayhem stuck in my head.

We’ve been living rurally now on our block for more than six months. So far, it’s been pretty amazing – more expensive and a lot more work than we planned – but we kind of expected that!

Over the last week we had a huge storm. Trees down and accidents across the road made driving in to the city pretty hairy (my husband had to turn around after an accident closed the road). Our neighbours had no power for two days, and no phone + internet for nearly as long. I was affected by the phone / internet outage (had to do my work offline for an afternoon – which actually makes me MORE productive) but living off grid means we have power even during a storm. Turning the lights on and watching a movie while every house for miles around is shrouded in darkness does make you feel rather smug.

The wind did wiggle one of our solar panels loose, though. Now that’s bolted down tight again, ready for the next one.

I’m frantically trying to finish my upcoming novel, The Sunken, in time for Aethercon – an annual steampunk convention held here in Auckland. I’m probably not going to have physical copies of the book to sell there, but I’m going to be handing out excerpts, and the ebook will be ready for people to order. I’m hoping to have it ready in August.

This book is very different to At War With Satan. That book was a project I wrote for the hell of it, it was a fun idea and I had a great time writing it. But Engine Ward series is the best thing I’ve ever written. I’ve been working on this series for about four years now. It’s taken hours of research into a huge array of different topics, and it’s dark. Not dark comedy – but bordering-on-horror dark. If you like authors like China Meiville and S. M. Peters, you’ll probably like this.

Despite all the work we’ve been doing on the land, we’ve been doing lots of fun things, too. We went horse-riding! My awesome friend Iris organized a trip to Murawai beach for horse-riding. My horse was named Zeus. We got to canter. I hit my head on a tree. It was fun.

Here I am with Zeus.

Here I am with Zeus.

Entering the forested area from the beach - gearing up for some serious speed.

Entering the forested area from the beach – gearing up for some serious speed.

I spent the last weekend in Whangamata with my bogan crew, celebrating Allan’s 30th birthday. It’s weird thinking that everyone I know is celebrating milestone birthdays of this scale. We had an awesome weekend walking on the beach, drinking, playing games, drunkedly telling everyon our secrets (hi, Iris) and eating too much delicious food. I spent a not inconsiberable amount of time holding the cutest baby ever. I may have said this 100 times already, but I love my friends.

Mmmmm. Meatgasm.

Mmmmm. Meatgasm.

I swear, it really is winter here in NZ.

I swear, it really is winter here in NZ.

I’m trying to figure out what the next novel I write is going to be. I’ve got three ideas vying for attention: one is set in the Viking age, another is in a library, and the third one is dystopian thing with horses. I’ve already got 4,000 words of each written. Maybe I’ll just add 1000 words to each one every day till they are finished.

I’m going to do a writing challenge later this year (maybe Nano, maybe one I make up) and blog about it here. Hopefully that’ll be interesting to folk.

I’ve been getting a few emails recently with questions about indie publishing. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve learned a lot between my first book (which I released last year) and my second novel, The Sunken, which I’m releasing in maybe a month. So if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do a post where I answer a few.

We got a whole bunch of new stock on The Asockalypse – and our socks will also be at Aethercon on the 26th July – so come check them out!

Here’s a song for you:

This is my life right now – how is yours?

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