December 28, 2015

Gothic Rock & Ghost Symphonies: Playlist for The Man in Black

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chelsea wolfe

chelsea wolfe

I create playlists for all of my books, and The Man in Black is particularly inspired by music, because one of the main characters – Eric Marshell – is a musician. Eric plays the violin in a gothic rock band called Ghost Symphony, and it’s this music that helps to forge his connection with Elinor Baxter, the lawyer who comes to his mother’s home in order to sort out her estate.

The truth is, the majority of this book was written with one album on repeat. Three guesses which album that is? (Cough Chelsea Cough). But I’ve included some other songs that I find remind me of Eric or that I think he’d be listening to. Enjoy!

Carrion Flowers – Chelsea Wolfe

This whole album is wound up intrinsically in the book. It is simply amazing.

Lady in Black – Uriah Heep

From their 1971 album Salisbury, ‘Lady in Black’ is a parable about how evil cannot be overcome by evil itself. It’s one of my favourite Uriah Heep songs and has a lot in common with the plot (and the title) of The Man in Black.

Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield

This song – with vocals by Scottish songstress Maggie Reilly – is actually Oldfield’s most popular single to date. The song was originally inspired by the film Houdini, where spiritualists try to contact Harry Houdini after he died, but it may also have some references to the shooting of John Lennon.

One – Apocalyptica

Apocalyptica’s sound inspired the fictional Ghost Symphony band in the book, as well as Eric’s own playing style. I’ve seen this band live twice and they never fail to deliver. Enjoy this cover of Metallica’s famous tune.

First & Last & Always – The Sisters of Mercy

My favourite post-punk goth band. I’ve been thrashing their stuff of late. Eric would’ve grown up listening to and being inspired by these guys.

The Yellow Wallpaper – The Parlour Trick

The Parlour Trick can only be described as “Haunted Chamber Music”, and their instrumental compositions created by Meredith Mayans and Dan Cantrell are played on violin, theremin, harpsichord, bowed glockenspiel, musical saw, and even an old typewriter. They always sound like the ultimate soundtracks to accompany gothic novels. This particular song is named after a famous gothic short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman that I have just finished reading.

The Trooper Overture – 2Cellos

Again, another band that inspired the sound of Ghost Symphony with their blend of classical instrumentation and modern metal.

Love You to Death – Type O Negative

I like to listen to bands I think my characters would be influenced, and in my head Eric is a huge Type O Negative fan.

The Ferryman – Jordan Reyne

This song tells the story of a man who refuses to accept the consequences of his choices by simply refusing to make any. But you can’t escape the Ferryman that easily.

Feral Love – Chelsea Wolfe

From the Pain is Beauty album, another beautiful, haunting song from Ms. Wolfe.

There tons more stunning gothic songs and bands I haven’t mentioned here that have inspired the character of Eric. I’d love it if you named a few of your favourites.

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