July 17, 2009

Grand Gronking and Cthulhu’s Closet

Concerts & Grog Fests, Steff

Last night, our wonderful bogan friends hosted our going-away party, hereafter called the Grand Gronking (Gronk is a word we use, meaning everything and nothing).

One of my closest friends in the world – who is insanely jealous he isn’t joining us on this trip – surprised me by coming all the way up from Welly for the party.

We had an amazing time – CDH spent most of the night with several women wrapped inside his warm armpits. There was much singing of manowar, posing with swords, orgy jokes, sausage rolls (most of which I ate :)) headbanging competitions, goat-throwings and even a surrepticious drinking game.

We left a little after one, and from what I heard, the evening gradually deteriorated … :)

My wonderful friend and business partner Amy made me this amazing parting gift – a corset made from an old Iron Maiden shirt. She did an amazing job!

My new fab Iron Maiden corset!

My new fab Iron Maiden corset!

The top part doesn’t quite fit properly, but we don’t have time to take it in, so I will be stuffing my bra with socks till I return in November.

corset back

corset back

I’m wearing:

  • bondage pants by Living Dead Souls of London
  • Spiderweb skivvy from a designer in Brisbane – I don’t have a name.
  • New corset by Amy of Northwic Designs, made from an old Edward the Great t-shirt.
  • Pandora necklace with two new beads. Eeeeee! Thanks mum!

If anyone is interested in purchasing a custom-made corset like this, contact Amy through her Northwic etsy shop.

What did YOU do this Saturday evening?

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses

2 Comments on “Grand Gronking and Cthulhu’s Closet

December 3, 2009 at 6:25 pm

anything with the words “world domination” is definitely kreig, although it probably needs a heavy metal soundtrack …


Louise Curtis
July 19, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Last Saturday I came up with a cunning plan for world domination: writing a real-time twitter tale, and. . . and. . . ach, I can’t remember the rest. I think there was fame and fortune involved. Definitely pirates.

It was a good day.

check it out at

PS was that “krieg”? I’m so confused. . .

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