Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging

Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging

You want to be a blogger. You want to create a blog that people will love.

Or maybe you’ve got your great business idea – you’ve created a high-quality product decided you’re ready to launch yourself onto the big, wide world. You’re bursting with ideas and a need to connect to people. You’ve heard about this blogging thing and you know a blog could introduce your awesome business to the world.

But you don’t know where to start. All the other bloggers out there are so much cooler than you. You keep hearing about all these blogging rules and you’re absolutely terrified you’ve going to mess it all up.

Hi, I’m Steff Green, marketing copywriter and blogging fairy, and I want to help you to blog like the awesome person you are. Over months and years I’ve built my blogs from nothing to thousands of readers every day. I wrote my first ebook and watched the little sales pop into my inbox. I went “squee!” as my little online empire grew and grew, and over the years, that voice in my head – the voice of the curator who said I wasn’t good enough – that voice faded, and was replaced by a new voice – my own.

I want you to find the same success through your creativity that I’ve experienced. That’s why I wrote the Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging:

The Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging doesn’t contain a list of blogging “secrets” – it simply explains what I’ve done to make my blogs successful, and gives you easy-to-follow, actionable steps to do the same things. I also tell you what other people have done, and why that’s successful, and show you how to do those things, too.

In the Grymm & Epic Guide to Blogging, you’ll learn:

  • The five things you MUST do before you even start blogging.
  • Why blogs ARE NOT just for people to rant about their emo love lives.
  • A step-by-step method for defining your blog’s success
  • The components of a blog and how to use them to your advantage
  • Detailed instructions on setting up a professional blog
  • My tried-and-tested methods for quickly brainstorming blog post ideas
  • How to create engaging blog posts even if you’re NOT a professional writer
  • Five tips on what NOT to write about
  • My methods for successfully promoting my blog – using guest posts, discussion forums, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • How to blog with ATTITUDE
  • FIVE Features of a Successful Blog Post
  • Over TWENTY PAGES of tips to optimize your blog for search engines.
  • An entire chapter on ideas for running successful blog competitions, giveaways and discounts
  • A chapter on MONETIZATION, including ads, affiliates, selling your own products and services, and creating returning customers.
  • Techniques to grow your blog during the first and second years, and beyond
  • Plus HUNDREDS of ideas for creating a fun, profitable and successful blog


It’s GRYMM because you won’t find any corporate salesy stuff or “I know best” talk in this book – just honest, down-to-earth advice from a fellow businesswoman about creating and maintaining a successful blog.
It’s EPIC because it’s over 200 pages long! Yes, I wrote over 50,000 words on creating, maintaining and improving your blog. That’s a hell of a lot of words. Because I believe in giving you a valuable resource you can return to again and again.

With every section of the ebook, you’ll receive a list of activities to test your blogging skills and set you up as a grymm & epic blogger. I’m excited to share all my knowledge and tips with you, and I want to read the fantastic blogs you write. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start blogging!

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