October 7, 2010

Heavy Metal Birthday Party

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I received this awesome letter (from what sound like the world’s coolest parents) and wanted to answer it on the blog.

Dear Steff Metal

I want to throw a heavy metal party for my son, turning 15 in November. I visited your website and got some ideas, like the punk cupcakes. Can you please give us some more ideas about decorating the house and walls and what food to serve? The more bizarre, the better.

I want to hang black sheets from the ceiling and stick black and white copied metal signs on the wall. My husband wants to make a flaming hand metal sign, but are not sure what material to use so it will burn in the back yard, so if you have any idea or maybe websites that i can visit, please let me know.

I think bobwire, black candles, black flowers, black balloons and red is effective, what do you think?


I think … I really want to be a guest at this birthday party.

If your son is turning 15, he’s too old for really cheesy kid’s birthday stuff, but not too old to have a good time. He’s also the luckiest son in the world to have wicked parents like you :)


I would make them up like concert tickets, with “ADMIT ONE” in big letters, and “GA Stalls”. You could make up a suitably metal name for the whole event (I’m going to a party in a few weeks called “Boganstock”) What about “Birthday-Stock” or 666-teen or “Birthday Open Air” You could even make up concert armbands for kids to put on at the party.


Concert ticket birthday invitations


concert ticket invites


The overall décor of the party (Steff puts on “wedding planner” hat) depends on the type of metal your son likes. For the budding power metaller, dragons and gargoyle statues and medieval arches and lots of candles set the scene, while a black metal son may prefer inverted pentegrams, upside down crosses, and spikes everywhere. Other metal sub-genre ideas:

    Folk / Viking metal: drinking horns, swords and axes, goblets, candles,
    Glam metal: kiss posters, lots of gold and animal prints
    Traditional metal: harley Davidson memorabilia, gig posters, flying V’s.
    Death / gore metal: gory Halloween decorations, skulls, horror posters, surgical implements

You can probably mash together several of these concepts and still retain a cohesive “metal” theme. Your basic decorating

You’re probably not going to find any ready-made “metal” decorations in the shops, but Halloween, medieval, circus and Viking decorations can work equally well, depending on the type of metal he’s into. You’re lucky because it’s so near to Halloween, there will be some awesome decorations on sale. Since your son’s birthday is in November, I’d save some money by raiding the stores on the 30th October.


halloween decor can look metal - I'd take away the feathers, and this is awesome!

You’re right – black and red should dominate, maybe with a little gold or silver. You can buy bulk studs and spikes and use them on the edges of the tablecloth, glue them on to plastic forks .., everything. A fog machine (which you can rent – don’t know how much they’d be, though) would add an awesome atmosphere, and of course your son should pick the playlists.

I think the cut-out signs would look great – you could try that silvery or gold cardboard so they look “metallic”. I am looking for tutorials on making a flaming sculpture, but I’m drawing a total blank.

Before bedecking the house in unholy satanic décor, check with your son that none of the guests (or the guests parents, if they’re invited) have any objections to satanic iconography. Most people are pretty cool, especially if they’re your son’s friends, but the last thing you want is a kid’s parents walking through the door and spraying holy water everywhere.

Games / Activities

If his friends are into it, ask everyone to come dressed as their favourite metal musician. There are actually a few great costume ideas. This halloween, I am (possibly) going to be Dead from Mayhem – what about Alice Cooper? Gene Simmons? Zakk Wylde? Angela Gossow? Bruce Dickenson? Dimebag Darryl?

If your son has a playstation (and he’s a boy, so he probably does) any one of the rock / metal singstar or guitar hero games will keep the kids entertained for hours. Buy some cheap metal tee-shirt, bandanas or patches to give out as prizes for the best gamers.

Some teenages love kid’s party games as long as they’re humourous and suitably “Ironic”. I am infamous for drawing crazy “pin the tail on the donkey” variations for parties – a friend still has my “Pin the Lollipop on the Dodgey-Looking-Man-Wearing-A-Trenchcoat” stuck up on his wall. Try pass the parcel or musical chair to Iron Maiden or Necrophagist, or play a sober version of the “Manowar Drinking game”: set a bowl of marshmallows in front of each child, give them each a word like “steel”, “metal” and “sword” and set a Manowar CD on

There is always a metal covers band nearby. Shoot them an email about playing the party – most of them will do it for a box of beer.



party food - I love how the tablecloth looks like leather.

Pizzas are a great idea, either brought or home-made. When we have parties I often make pizza (I make my own bread base, too) top them with various toppings, add a layer of cheese. I use bbq sauce to draw pentagrams on top of the cheese, or arrange the salami into a pentagram shape before they go n the oven. You can do the same thing with mini pizzas, too.

Metal chef has a great recipe for <> Pizza (it’s in the shape of an inverted cross). The Frosty Whore is, of course, totally optional.

Other great party foods are the chili variations: chili con carne, chili and corn chips, or my special Chili Fries of Filth. Garlic and pizza breads with various dips, crisps, mini hamburgers, pigs in blankets and, of course, the NZ birthday party staple – a plate of sausage rolls.

Slighly healthier guests may like Greek salad skewers with tomato, olives, feta cheese and cucumber threaded on skewers. “Metal” food is all in the names – just cook your favorite party foods and give them names like “crust-core crustini” and “tr00 tater tots”.

Another good idea is to look up inspiration from Halloween parties – often their spooky ideas are easily adapted to “grymm” metal food.


Skull cupcakes


To me, this setting looks a little like a satanic altar


Looking grymm

Cupcakes are practically the perfect party food – you can pick them up with your fingers, and you get oodles of cake and icing, and they’re easy and fun to decorate. If you’re looking for metal cupcakes, you absolutely cannot overlook the recipes on Metalcakes.



Heavy metal cupcakes

My mother makes the most amazing decorated cakes – sometimes I’d request a certain shape, and sometimes she would surprise me, but each year she would outdo herself. One day I will find some pictures to show you. I have had: a snoopy with a big dog bowl, a 3D stegosaurus, a 3D model of my bedroom including my Siamese cat Toby sleeping on my wed, a weighty tome of books on the dresser and some metal shirts on the floor, and a 3D mummy reaching out of a decorated sarcophagus. My sister has had a haunted graveyard complete with grave-robbers, ghosts, skeletons and spides, a pirate chest with an open lid (stuffed with choclate dubloons, of course) and a little mermaid scene. What was particularly special about these cakes – apart from the oodles of wuv and imagination that went into creating them – was that they tasted amazing. Lots of highly decorative cakes take awful – especially the icing, but these were scrumptious.

All this is to say, that I’m a bit of a cake snob, especially when it comes to kids birthday parties. The cake should totally steal the show. It should keep the guests talking for weeks after the party’s over.


glam metal birthday cake

Cupcakes are trendy these days, and work great because you can have a range of different flavours (and even some vegan cupcakes).


Corpsepaint birthday cake

If you’re not a skilled cake-decorater, hire a local who could do it for you. Here are a few ideas:


Brutal Legend metal birthday cake. This is AMAZING, and was done by the lucky sod's mother, who is not a professional cake decorator. Br00tal.


coffin birthday cake

Party Favors

I don’t know if people still do these, but they’ve been a huge part of every party I grew up with. What about custom temporary tattoos or guitar picks? Or something like this?

gothic party favors

coffin party favors

Heavy Metal Birthday Party Resources

Heavy Metal Greeting cards on Zazzle
Corpsepaint Kitty metal greeting cards by me at the Steff Metal Shop.
Temporary tattoos from Tattoo Sales
Custom guitar picks from Pick Factory
Great Halloween Food ideas (including disgusting halloween food)
Metalcakes – the best metal cupcakes around
The Black Oven – an old black metal cooking blog

Any other brilliant ideas, oh brilliant and br00tal readers?

Alles gute zum Geburstag!

10 Comments on “Heavy Metal Birthday Party

September 6, 2014 at 10:56 am

That looks like it would be an awesome party. I really like the cake.

February 9, 2014 at 11:11 am

hello, i need the topings on the cupcakes…..please help!!

February 18, 2014 at 4:02 pm

@Tina – the images look like a buttercream icing, piped on, then decorations made with chocolate and royal icing. My guess is you’d have to be pretty skilled with cake decorating to pull these off. But I just found the images online so I don’t have a recipe/instructions, sorry.

March 15, 2013 at 5:11 pm

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October 24, 2010 at 6:35 pm

howdi stef

the planning of the heavy metal party is going strong here in south africa.
thanx again for this amazing site and your ideas inspired me to do so much more. as making the candles by myself and the wall decorations as well. a whole section of the diningroom is going to be closed off. the walls are going to be covered with black bags top to bottom. and that is going the mosh pit. luminis paint is going to be splattered on the black bags and a strobe light , black lights is all part of this section. the other section is going to be a mini rave jol with disco balls hanging from the ceiling and all and all. food table is going to be full of nibble stuff including boerewors rolls and sausage rolls. i’m going to paint magarine tubs and tins black and put sweets and chips in it. the studs i am defenitely going to use but i am going to put spikes under a few tins and bowls and then using it as stands. i am going to make a whole right in the middle of a piece of braai-wood as a candle holder and wrap barb wire and some green ivy around it to decorate with a different idea for the food table. in the bathroom, i want to color the water red with food colouring and corn suryp. floating black candles and black and red rose petals to add a touch of goth to the bathroom. My question is …… will the food colouring stain the bath and is there something else i can use instead. any other ideas from you or other bloggers or readers are most welcome, but there is only 2 weeks left. so my thinking cap is spinning and working over time……so here in South Africa is one buzy bee of a mom wanting and hoping to pull off the best teenage metal house party. I will defenitely let u know and send pic’s of how the mosh pit

October 30, 2010 at 1:05 pm

@Belinda – it sounds AMAZING. please keep us posted!

Dale - Kids Birthday Party Entertainer
October 23, 2010 at 10:45 am

Looks like a great heavy metal party.

October 13, 2010 at 2:50 am

i wanna go to that party :D sounds like it would be mean!

October 12, 2010 at 8:32 am

I had Bday early September. And it was the perfekt Metal-Birthday. All thank to my Dad.

First I was allowed to party in his garage (He works as a truck-mechanic. the garage is pretty big!” Because of that we had some Oldtimers and Motorcycles as decoration (thats metal, isn’t it?).

And my the band of my father played a gig at the Party. Ok, they play hardrock, but thats close! After that I played the Playlist that I made days before. Lots of classics (LOTS OF SLAYER!!!!).

And finnaly i had lots of Chilli con Carne, Meatballs, Beer, Whisky and Vodka.

The Party was great. We were drinking and headbanging until dawn!

October 8, 2010 at 6:53 am

That Corpsepaint birthday cake is staring into my soul…. and my stomach… I bet it tastes like Abbath too.

The Metal Chef was good stuff as well… think I may have to spend a bit of time watching those.

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