July 30, 2018

I’m a finalist for a 2018 Women of Influence award

Steff, Writing Runes

women of influence 2018

In 1893 women in New Zealand won the right to vote. In those 125 years, a lot has changed, but there is still much to do. The Women of Influence programme recognises and celebrates women from all walks of life who make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow New Zealanders.

As part of their programme to help shape the next 125 years for women, Women of Influence award prominent NZ women achieving in their fields at a gala event every year, as well as hosting a forum for current and future leaders to discuss issues affecting women.

I am so deeply humbled to be among the remarkable Kiwi women who are being honoured as finalists for a Women of Influence award. I’m up for the Arts and Culture award alongside Deborah McCormick, director of the SCAPE Public Art Trust, Pianist and composer Gillian Bibby, Hollywood acting performance coach Miranda Harcourt, Square Eyes Film Foundation director Nicola Marshall, and the incomparable literary critic and editor Pro Lydia Wevers. I’m the youngest in that group by… well, it’s never polite to discuss. All these women have made incredible contributions in their respective fields. And there’s little old me.

Blessed be the fruit loops! I mean, wow. Big wow.

Here’s the link to the announcement in the Sunday Star Times. The article is bursting with stories from some of the nominated women. Definitely give it a read!

So yeah, it’s been quite a week with that announcement! I’ll be attending the forum and gala dinner in September to celebrate the achievements of women in New Zealand and throw my voice in on important topics for the future.