My Grandmother June left me her beautiful gothic home. The only problem? In order to officially take up residence, I have to be married.

Enter Robbie, my gorgeous best friend and a wolf shifter without a home. We’re getting fake-married, and he’s moving in with me to convince my parents we’re for real. 

Robbie gets a free place to live, I get to keep Primrose House – everything’s perfect.

Except … when we kissed at the alter of our fake-wedding, something happened. That kiss didn’t just spark, it set off an inferno. 

Now I can’t stop thinking about Robbie. I have to control myself. It can’t be that hard to avoid falling into bed with your best friend, right? Right? 

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Inking the Wolf
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Inking the Wolf is the third book in the Wolves of Crookshollow series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. It’s a standalone book with a HEA, where a party girl and a down-on-his-luck shifter find more than they bargained for in this fresh take on a ‘marriage of convenience’. If you like your paranormal romance with a touch of the gothic, this book will have you howling for more.

Praise for Inking the Wolf

"Bianca is a wild child who doesn't play by society's rules, and Robbie is the werewolf who has loved her ever since they met. Terrific writing – so much fun!"
"I loved Bianca! I love her inner strength and fire and the fact that no matter what she has remained who she is, she wasn't going to let anyone repress who she really is. This book means a lot to me because the themes are things I’ve struggled with personally. I love that the author wrote about them in such a wonderful way."
"This is not your run-of-the-mill shifter story! It is rich and layered, laugh-out-loud funny in places, heartbreaking in others… I got lost in Steffanie’s world."