January 13, 2012

Interview: Super Happy Story Time Land

Brutal Tunes

Super Happy Story Time Land doesn’t sounds more like a Japanese seizure-inducing children’s video game than a <> grindcore band. But if you were on one of those torture game shows, and you guess the video-game, you’d have a bucket full of scorpions crawling over your testicles right now.

Their stage shows incorporate storyboards and increasingly ridiculous props, and their music has some seriously wicked jazzy happiness going on between the deathgrindgasm. In short, they’re quite brill. I caught up with bassist Aaron Williams to talk about … well, you’ll see. Being a bit of a slack-ass in general, we did this interview like … eight months ago. But then I forgot to post it. And then my email died. But that doesn’t change the fact that Super Happy Story Time Land are fucking excellent, and they crack me up, and if you’re into filthy grind (or even if you ain’t) you should check them out.


Warning: Offensive language, wanking and inappropriate feelings toward dinosaurs follow.

Hey guys. First of all, what the fuck is with the name?
A. Super Happy Story Time Land was born from the fevered dreams of a heroin-addicted Vietnam War veteran, in the year of the Lord 1982. He wrote down the music composition in magic marker on old 101 Diner take-out menus, and stored them in an old foot locker. He was killed several months later in a lumber mill accident. The music didn’t turn up for 20 more years, when his grandson found the music and formed a band around it. That is Super Happy Story Time Land.
   Tell us a little about the band – how did you guys get started and just what is it you do?
A. Ryan and I started jamming as a two-piece back in ’07 and borrowed gear in his Mom’s open/unfinished/snowed out frozen basement with a line6 amp propped up on a broken toilet, with a space heater in between us … Hahaha! What we do?? We just love playing music and don’t give a fuck!
If you could compare the sound of SHSTL to anything, it would be …?
A :Terrible? Gay? Uhhh … Dinosaurs butt-fucking hard! Male-on-mail chalk boards … A blender full of hair, stress, shit, 90s stuff and a reservation kittie a.k.a Farrel …
I just want it say, it’s nice to see a band photo where the members actually look cheery. What’s the secret to those pearly grins?
A: Prop-13: Legalize Meth world wide … ! Just saying … I will hate serious metal photos … I personally don’t want to look like any more of a stiff-jaw’d douche.
You’ve played with some big name bands like Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, etc. Tell us about that. What’s the best / worst gig you’ve ever played, and your filthiest metal story?
A. The Necro/Fetus show was fucking sick! Two of our favorite bands and Ryan jammed with Mohammad from Necrophagist, played each others xiphos and shit … awesome … plus DYING FETUS … FUCK!  I don’t think there can be a worst show … but Topeka Kansas @ Bobbie Trap … Tranny hookers … fuck it was ruff … fun tho!! We can’t share our dirtiest secrets… gotta keep something for the imagination … right …?
Right ….
According to your website, Ryan “sings like a yam”? Can you tell us where this vegetable comparison originated?
A: Ryan says, “Fuckin’ vegetables and beatin’ off!”
Your vocalist, Mario, also plays to keys. Do he have some hidden power metal aspirations?
A: FUCKING MANOWAR … hell yeah!
Is it true that being a grindcore gets you the ladies?
A: No… but being in fucking MANOWAR does!!!!!
What do you say to people who believe that bands with “core” in their name are an insult to all that is metal?
A: As MANOWAR would say, “Down to all that is FALSE METAL!”
What are your favorite songs on the album and why? Mine is “I Wanna Be a Dinosaur”?
A: Bears II, ’cause its our most epic and experimental, balladish song; the southern rock part … Ryan’s solos always get all sorts of hot every time, no matter what …
Who draws your storyboards? How did that idea come about?
A:TRADE SECRET … It’s cause we’re up there telling stories. Having fun singing about made up silly shit … we just wanted the “story time” to come through live and get the vibe across … also, sometimes you’re too fucked up to imagine what were talking about to begin with.
What’s coming next for SHSTL?
A. Writing … Getting ready for 2012… a.k.a the world ending … or us getting our shit back together and getting back on the road … which we are stoked as fuck on …! And perhaps recording something in 2012 …
Check out this crazy band on the Super Happy Story Time Land Myspace Page, or check out their album on Bandcamp. SHSTL are also on Facebook.
Guys, any questions for Aaron in the comments?