September 12, 2019

Join the Rage Against the Manuscript FB group

Rage against the manuscript, Writing Runes

Title reads 'Rage Against the Manuscript: badass writing podcast, advice, and guides.' against a backdrop of bones.

When I started this year, I had two goals – to level the fuck up in my writing career (I had a specific number around this and let’s just say thanks to Kings of Miskatonic Prep I’ve SMASHED IT) and to do something to give back to the writing community.

Over the years that I’ve been writing and publishing and building this amazing thing, I’ve come into contact with so many writers who’ve freely shared their advice and encouragement and methods and numbers. These writers have gone out of their way to use their own stories of success and failure to encourage others to follow them up their ladder. They’re the kind of people that believe writing isn’t a zero-sum game and that we can all lift each other up.

I am so incredibly grateful for these people because without them I wouldn’t be the writer I am today.

I’ve been thinking for AGES about what I can do to pay it forward and share my own story with other writers, and help them to level up alongside me. I want to be able to mentor promising voices and signal-boost awesome people doing cool projects – especially fellow writers with disabilities who might not have the means to get their voices out there.

Let’s just say I have a ton more ideas than time or resources to make them happen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start somewhere. So, this week I opened up Facebook and created Rage Against The Manuscript. This is a FB group for writers – that’s it. That’s the criteria. It’s for you if you want to write amazing work and build a badass writing career.

We’ve already got a thriving community with a great vibe and tons of useful info. If you want to join – do the thing! We’d love to have you. There are only two rules – no self-promo (unless it’s on a dedicated thread) and don’t be a dick.

And as for cool things that are coming next from me for writers… this is only the beginning.