June 17, 2015

Kvlt Fashion: Killstar Ankh Hooded Dress

Kvlt Fashion, Tr00 Metal Life

killstar ankh dress water steffmetal

killstar ankh dress steffmetal

I saw this dress in a sale on the Killstar website around Christmas time and had to have it. I am a sucker for anything Egyptian and witchy, and the giant ankh print + the long gothic sleeves combine the best of both.

killstar ankh dress tree steffmetal

Killstar are a UK-based clothing label who have been creating amazing printed clothing since 2010. Their ranges incorporate imagery from heavy metal and tattoo culture, as well as a lot of occult iconography.

They have a ton of great stuff for women and men. I am pretty enamoured with this Lunar Skater Dress, this weirdo tank (from The Craft) and this I just f**king love cats, OK? tank. But have a look around as there is a lot of cool gear.

killstar ankh dress branch steffmetal

Erin and Dave came up to visit me and shoot some pictures for one of my upcoming books. We went down to Lake Ototoa to take some shots by the water, and had a lot of fun creeping through the woods and climbing over rotten logs and I even waded out into the water :)

I am wearing:

killstar ankh dress water steffmetal

I love this dress, and wear it all the time, usually with leggings and some heeled boots. There are two things to note about it, though – 1. The print is that crackly kind of paint – and because it’s quite a large, bold print, it did crack quite easily (still looks good, though), and 2. If you wear a jumper or something over this, the white tail of the Ankh hangs down and kind of looks like a penis. So there’s that.

Pictures by Davida Spence / Erin Prichard.

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