September 25, 2010

Life lessons from … Manowar

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“Life Lessons From …” takes one band, artist or personality, picks selections from their lyrics and quotes at random and tries to extract some deeper meaning.

As metalheads and other alternative type folks, we’re constantly being told our favorite musicians endorse bad things – satan, anger, hatred, racism, sexism. I don’t believe this is true. Many times, bands use seemingly disgusting or offensive imagery to make a point. Sometimes they’re just taking the piss. I thought I’d indulge my cheesy metal side and give you all some quotes and videos from one of my favorite metal bands.

So, without further ado, life lessons leant from … Manowar.



“Someone asked me what I thought the future of Metal is and I told him “The next Manowar album” – Eric Adams (2002)

“If you as a musician really love what you do, you can survive. We always did, what “felt good” to Manowar. I don’t know if it would be harder to get to the status we have now, if we just started yet. I am simply convinced that you can achieve succes when you believe in what you do and stay true. No matter what other people say: “follow your heart”. If you always listen to what others say, it’s hard to find your own way. If you care less about the stuff that others say you will find your way for sure and get by very well. That should not mean that you should not listen to others anyway. Because nobody got his wisdom from the whiskey bottle. And everyone can and should take a real look at himself, think about his behaviour and change sometimes. And the needed impulse for it comes often from outside. The only thing you have to do is to decide whether this impulse comes from the right side or not. And you should not stick to a oneway thinking, nor should you let others confuse you. At least not when it comes to tastes. Insofar we are not happy as hell about good reviews and we don’t cry when we get bad ones. Positive feedback is good, but does not change reality.” – Scott Columbus (2002)

“We’re the Kings of Metal comin’ to town
When we light up, have the roof nailed down
Don’t try to tell us that we’re too loud
‘Cause there ain’t no way that we’ll ever turn down

They wanna keep us down
But they can’t last
When we get up we’re gonna kick your ass
Gonna keep on burning
We always will

Other bands play – Manowar kill!” – Kings of Metal

When you create art, don’t show it to others and say “Oh, well, it’s really not that good.” Pour your soul into everything you create, and then stand behind it with pride and shout it from the rooftops. You’re pretty awesome for no other reason then you’re brave enough to create something and put it out there for others to judge. So you’d better believe in yourself.

“Each day, you wake up and get out of bed knowing that there is shit waiting for you. Each day is a struggle, a battle and you must prepare for these battles, these wars. You have to be prepared. That is where the spirit of MANOWAR comes in. It is for everybody, both men and women, who have the fighting spirit. You either fight to win or your throw up your hands and admit that you are fucked.” – Joey DeMaio

“They’ll watch us rise with fire in our eyes
They’ll bow their heads
Their hearts will hang low
Then we’ll laugh and they will kneel and know
this heart of steel was
Too hard to break
Too hard to hold

Stand and fight
Live by your heart
Always one more try
I’m not afraid to die
Stand and fight
Say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel” – Heart of Steel

Life ain’t easy, and sometimes it really is a “battle”, in the physical and metaphorical sense. But if you give up, you miss the point. Life is meant to be a series of battles – you win or you lose, but the important thing is that you fought.

“We alone are fighting, for metal that it’s true
We own the right, to live the fight, we’re here for all of you
Now swear the blood upon your steel will never dry
Stand and fight together, beneath a metal sky

Brothers everywhere
Raise your hands into the air
We’re warriors
Warriors of the world
Like thunder from the sky
Sworn to fight and die
We’re Warriors
Warriors of the world” – Warriors of the World

(referring to the Faceless Warrior) “‘it purposefully has no face because it’s our hero…it’s a hero that we all need, and the no face is because that hero could be anybody. Could be you, could be me, could be the chick you fucked last week, could be any face … and that’s the hero in all of us and that’s why it represents power, it represents what metal is. It represents a leader: you can bet your fuckin’ ass that that guy doesn’t follow anything, he leads.” Eric Adams (2004)

Never think you’re not capable of doing something, that’s you’re not strong enough, not smart enough, not good enough. You’re not alone. There are hundreds of millions of people all across the world fighting the same battle you’re fighting, right now. You can do it – you can do anything. Find what makes you feel powerful, find what gives you strength, and never let that go.


The faceless warrior

“The bigger a band gets, the more enemies you have.. even more, when you’re called Manowar!” – Joey DeMaio (2003)

When you create any kind of art or share any kind of opinion, you’ll discover the more popular you are, the more negative reactions you’ll receive. Truth is, you can’t please everybody all the time, and there are people out there who will tear you down for no other reason than they love a good fight. What are you going to do about it? Ignore them – they’re not important. Well, some of them might be important, but they shouldn’t be important to you. Learn to separate your constructive criticism from those who just want to fuck you over, and discard the opinions which don’t ring true. Life’s too short to sit around worrying what a bunch of gloomers think. You’re not doing it for the haters …

“Let us drink to the power drink to the sound
Thunder and Metal are shaking the ground
Drink to your brothers who are never to fall
We´re all brothers of Metal here in the hall
Our hearts are filled with Metal and masters we have none
And we will die for Metal, Metal heals my son

We are fighting with power and steel
Fighting for the Metal Metal that´s real
Brothers of Metal will always be there
Standing together with hands in the air” – Brothers of Metal, pt 1

… you’re doing it for the friends and the fans. You’re doing it for the people who’s lives you make better.

“We are the true believers
It’s our turn to show the world
In the fire of heavy metal we were burned
It’s more than our religion it’s the only way to live
But the enemies of metal we can’t forgive

Cause we believe in the power and the might
And the gods who made metal are with us tonight

The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good
They said to play it louder than Hell
We promised that we would
When losers say it’s over with you know that it’s a lie
The gods made heavy metal and it’s never gonna die.” – The Gods Made Heavy Metal

Truer words have not yet been spoken.

5 Comments on “Life lessons from … Manowar

August 23, 2014 at 1:56 pm

They cant stop us
Let em try
For heavy metal
We will die!

They said hold your head up high
Raise your fist up in the air
Play metal louder than hell
Louder than hell

love manowar!

August 22, 2014 at 6:55 pm

^^ THIS post should be everywhere.

Hail and Kill \m/

Mad Rat
December 15, 2010 at 3:09 am

I love this band! Their music always gets me through all the battles of my life. I´m very happy that I had a chance to meet them personally before their concert, even if it was only short moment. Eric is the nicest man I have ever met. There´s so much light in him… I can´t describe it with any words. You meet him once…and you will love him for the rest of your life.

Emily Bleak
September 27, 2010 at 9:52 am

YES! MANOWAR! They played a huge part in keeping my head up during my school years. I love that their attitudes and aesthetic have never turned radio-friendly or otherwise – each album is different, but still distinctly Manowar. It says so much about them.

Sometimes I put on that specific live cut of Heart of Steel to pump up before I go for a run or have to do something big at work – close your eyes and they’re all cheering and rooting for you. :) Hail & Kill is one of my favorite pacers, too.

A friend of mine is a concert photographer – he loves to talk about the time he hung out on Manowar’s tour bus. Eric Adams is apparently a very short man with a kind spirit and a million hilarious groupie stories, and Joey doesn’t like a lens pointed in his face. :V

September 30, 2010 at 8:38 pm

NO FAIR. I want to hang out on Manowar’s tour bus. But I am a girl, so that probably means having sex with one of them. Or all of them. And that’s just not how I roll.

They’ve been a huge influence on me growing some proverbial testicles and learning to say I don’t care what other people think. They may not play the most technically brilliant songs, but damn, they play tr00 metal.

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