June 21, 2011

Linking Horn: 25 days till Germany

Linking Horn, Steff

Not that I’m excited. At all.

Thanks everyone for your awesome suggestions of things to do in Germany. If you’ve got any more to add, please leave them on my Germany Itinerary post. And don’t forget to send me an email if you want to meet up, and I’ll give you my cellphone number.

Cvlt Nation, currently my metal blog crush, interview DJ Rob Metal about his rather impressive vinyl collection (which he organizes alphabetically, in case you were wondering). I would one day like to own a vinyl collection that looks like his.

Abrasax-Viral Graphics

Abrasax Final, by Viral Graphics

Viral Graphics – wow. Fucking amazing metal and alt artwork and gig posters. They’ve done stuff for Mudhoney, Melvins, Unearthly Trance …

Over on Grymm & Epic, I interview urban fantasy / steamy vampire fiction / NYT Best-Selling Author Jeaneine Frost.

On Memory, Books and the Internet. Brilliant guest post on Nathan Bransford’s blog. Also, book-themed party!

A Murder of Crows. Fashion Shoot – pretty. See also Rat Fashion Show.

Belle Helmets: Bike helmets with phrenology, tarot cards and brains painted on them. If I wasn’t hopelessly uncoordinated (The humorous story of how my dad tried to teach me to ride a bike begins with how he took me down to the local rugby grounds because he figured I couldn’t hit anything, and then I biked headfirst into the goalposts …)

Fascinating article exploring the culture of Dark Tourism – particularly sites that celebrate suicide, poverty, grief … etc. (Ground Zero being an example). I think people travel, above all, to learn more about the human experience throughout history and across borders, and it’s our connection to these sites – parts of alien cultures – that we can identify with the most. No matter what god you believe in, we can all connect to grief, or lonliness, or despair. I think we also connect to happiness in much the same way, but this tends to come from connections with people, rather than a place.

Pottermore – what is it? What will it include? FanFiction writers are all a-flutter! Place your bets now!

Goth haiku. If anyone throws down a suitably epic metal haiku in this post, I will give you a free t-shirt.