November 22, 2010

Linking Horn: 4 Bloody Weeks Till Christmas

Linking Horn

Thanks Metal Insider for the tip.

Subterranean Secrets: 10 Tunnels of Smuggling and War. There’s nothing the archaeologist in me loves more than exploring abandoned urban spaces. I am dead keen to locate these mysterious German ‘Krankenbunker Breuning’ tunnels, so that I might explore it when I travel there next year. If anyone out there can point me toward more information, you can email me. Cheers.

Viking Metal … From India. I am all for people just doing what they love, and I know if I were in a metal band, it would mostly deal with Ancient Greek and Roman lyric poetry, and I am not exactly a toga-tottling BC-ite. Even in India, one can get books about Vikings from the library. Still, I can’t help but think India has it’s own unique culture and mythology, and I’d love to see that incorporated into metal, rather than, say, the Viking thing, which is done quite spectacularly by many bands who actually hail from Viking-ville.

Good to See Haute Macabre’s picked up on the Harem Royal vibe. Roman deserves all the credit she gets for creating some truly awe-inspiring and creative pieces.

In 1981, Issei Sagawa invited a fellow student to his apartment, where he killed her, had sex with her, and ate a large amount of her body. In that order. Due to some serious miscarriage of justice, he was held in prison without trial for two years, then transferred to a mental institution in France, where his book In the Fog, earned him cult status in Japan. The French, in their eternal wisdom, shipped Issei back to Japan, where a technecality meant he could check himself out of the institution in 1986. A minor celebrity, he’s since written over 20 books and sells his portraits of women. VBS has made a film about Sagawa/, including interviews, which Coilhouse has reviewed. Not for the faint of heart.

Also from Coilhouse, a documentary on Japan’s “Suicide Forest”. This terrible and evocative image has spawned an idea for a novel.

Uncommon Creatures, a design house from Copenhagen, look pretty sweet.

No Clean Singing have had some awesome guest posts lately (I really need to get off my ass and write another). I particularly liked That Wasn’t Them – on metal bands covering random songs. Quite like Norther doing the “Final Countdown”.


Nick Cave - a bad seed

The Illustrated Man of Rock in Roll: Nick Cave – the Fruit of a Bad Seed. Orgasms for Nick Cave fans. I should really do a full-length feature on why Nick Cave is fucking awesome one of these days.

Metallica released a statement saying the Hammett vs Child incident has now been resolved.

Annihilator escapes fire at Nottingham venue. This is really just an excuse for me to post the following video.

If I got to see Annihilator next year … I would die happy.

Phil Collins is a seriously weird guy.

Cool rings.

A gorgeous, haunting cemetery wedding.

That’s about all the linkage from me. By the way, has anyone heard the new “Manowar” re-recording? What do you think? Personally, from a purely objective view, I prefer the new recording, BUT, but but but, re-recording such a classic album seem so indulgent. Only HARDCORE Manowar fans and people new to Manowar are going to buy it. Where’s the new album, that’s what I’d like to know.

Horns up!

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