January 31, 2012

Linking Horn: A Quest Into the 77th Link

Linking Horn, Makes me Giggle


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Lots more hilarity at Lusoskav’s deviantart page.

Over on Biodagar, Leticia reviews Ace Frehley’s book No Regrets. Sounds like an interesting read, and something I might add to the pile, despite not being much of a KISS fan.

Also, check out Leticia’s new metal podcast.

Over on No Clean Singing, the Keyboard Warriors column features interviews (originally published on the excellent-but-now-defunct Number of The Blog) with metal writers, bloggers and journalists. Being on the cusp of the industry, it’s been a real treat reading what other folk do, and why.

Theatre hidden above a New York Bodega. Imagine having that upstairs and you didn’t even know about it?

Have you ever read John Scalzi? You totally should. I’m not a big fan of his books (at least, not the couple I read), but I LOVE his blogs. Here’s a hilarious project of his: The Name of My Next Band, in which he reveals potential band names, and they are all hilarious.

Ancient Greek Punishment! My new fave flash game since I had to ban myself from third world farmer.

If Famous Horror Movies Were Rated “G”: I would not want to see any of them.

Have you checked out Corpsepaint Kitty lately?