August 10, 2009

Linking Horn for August 10th – The Occult Edition

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I apologize if you’re all getting rather bored of this topic, but everywhere I look I keep finding more and more wicked links to show you. Some of these fashion collections are a couple of years old now, but I like looking at the pictures anyway, for inspiration.

Todays Linking Horn is brought to you by the letter S (for Satan, Steff and Sausage Roll) and the number 6.

The show that started the recent trend of “pagan chic”, Alexander McQueen’s Salem-inspired autumn/winter 2007 collection.

Designers Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate put together this amazing fashion launch simply titled ‘Witches‘. Notcot has all the photos of this event, which OF COURSE took place on Friday the 13th.


The Fairly Mediocre Satan” by Jay Allen made me giggle. I think we’ve all got stories about growing up in a small town and dabbling with stuff we shouldn’t.

'Season of the Witch' collection from Agent Provocateur

'Season of the Witch' collection from Agent Provocateur

Underwear magnificents Agent Provocateur unleashed ‘Season of the Witch‘ during Winter 09. This collection is still available on their NOT SAFE FOR WORK website.

Woman’s Wear Daily reports that Goth is back in fashion this fall. I’m cool again, woot!

And, lastly, because we all know Harry Potter is the devil himself, I give you Voldemort, a Harry Potter black metal band from Norway. Their drummer is called Muggleslayer!

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses