November 5, 2017

Linking Horn: Halloween treats, diversity in fantasy fiction, and I’m a finalist in the Attitude Awards (again)!

Linking Horn, Steff

Lord Nelson cat steffmetal

Lord Nelson cat steffmetal

This is Lord Nelson the Cat. He would like you to admire the beautiful tile backsplash he helped instal last weekend.

I am off hiking! Here are some interesting links from around the internet, including some stuff about yours truly.

First of all, I wrote a piece for The Spinoff, which is a local NZ publication that does some seriously great journalism. It’s called the magical erasure of disabled characters in fantasy fiction, and is about something I’m quite passionate about – diversity and representation in fiction.

Also, I might have mentioned this, but I’m a finalist again this year for the Attitude Awards, in the artistic achievement category. They made this snappy video that was on TV this week. And I’m heading off to the gala award dinner on Thursday night. Thank you so much for nominating me and for the Attitude Trust for putting on such an awesome award programme!

S. Elizabeth from my favourite blog, Haute Macabre, reviewed a horror film or horror media every day in October. There are some awesome recommendations here!

I backed this Kickstarter for the Necronomnomnom – A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror. You should, too.

Wee article on The Big Idea about Steampunk in Oamaru, New Zealand. I’m so excited to be visiting Oamaru in Jan this year.

Loud wire posted the 50 most influential metal bands of the 21st century. Agree or disagree?

Robot “who wants to destroy humans” granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. So that’s a thing.

The Oatmeal on Making things for the internet.

A roundup of Neil Patrick Harris’ family Halloween costumes, because … :)

Jerks and the Start-Ups they ruin.

10 Classic Gothic Novels Everyone Should Read. I’ve done eight. What about you? Also, the authors’ own book sounds pretty interesting.

Legitimately terrifying horror stories written by an AI.

I love Whores of Yore – a twitter account that is “a catalogue of jilts, cracks, prostitutes, nightwalkers, whores, she-friends, kind women & others of the linnen-lifting tribe.

Yes, you can buy a hipster nativity set.

Post-Halloween playlist from No Clean Singing.