April 18, 2011

Linking Horn: Linking round the May pole

Tr00 Metal Life

May Day coming up (or easter if you’re down with the bunny), and we’ve got a four-day weekend. I am not doing much, going to a gig (MANOWHORE – Manowar covers – I couldn’t NOT go), making dinner for friends, finishing some painting and a lot of writing, and eating a bit of chocolate (or a lot of chocolate. Tis the weekend for it, after all).


Photo by Jess Manning, taken at Westen Park, Auckland.

Here are a few links and videos from my latest web travellings.

This is totally the wrong time of year for me (brrrr) but over on Art of Darkness, Cobwebs shows you how to plant a moon garden. Also, if the economic crisis has prevented you from buying dinner, here’s a guide to Edible Insects.

From Teeth of the Divine, The Great Fashion War of 2010. Read on:

Lots going on. Iceland and Ireland in economic ruin. Haiti in rubble. Israel’s right-wing regime kicking around a new World War. And nearly half the U.S. digging an anti-queer Barbie doll and would-be president who shoots animal snuff films.

Put in context, anything going on in metal may seem like small beans. But still, we have our subculture, and the big story—what I’m calling The Great Metal Fashion War of 2010 because I can—is no less lacking in cultural hysteria. It isn’t a war-war, of course, more a metaphor thing. Except when it kind of isn’t.

Vestal Mag – Pretty.

Abandoned Skyscraper becomes squatter town. The concept fascinates me. A few months ago I wrote a scene for an upcoming novel that mirrors exactly what these pictures show.

7 Man-Made Architectual Wonders of the Ancient World.

Flash cards for obscure, underused words. I hereby swear to use frisson and fetor more often in everyday conversation! Also, some words that don’t exist in English. I’m taking waldeinsamkeit to German class next week.

DO NOT read this article if you’re squeamish about cannibalism. Cannibals Seeking Same: a Peek at the Online World of Flesh-Eaters takes an in-depth (and remarkably descriptive) article about the Cannibal Cafe site and the culture of flesh-eating. Seriously creepy stuff, but then, the concept of cannibalism fascinates me – is it actually any different to eating any kind of meat? Is the abhorrence at the idea of eating a member of the same species created by our culture, or is it an in-built genetic reaction?

If you’re going to Sweden (you lucky bastard) you might like to stay at one of these awesome Swedish hotels.

Tilt-Shift Vincent Van Gogh – You see a lot of detail you’d never noticed before. His brush work is STUNNING.

New songs:

Arch Enemy – Yesterday is Dead and Gone

and PAIN – Dirty Woman

AND, via That Devil Music, Sepultura … with an orchestra. Does this work?