December 21, 2011

Linking Horn: Links for the Jolly Red Man

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Yes, I am aware I have sort of forgotten to post in a few days. Mostly, it’s because I’m trying to compose my top ten metal albums of 2011 list, which is giving me all hell this year since there have been so many amazing albums. That, and I went away with friends last weekend to a holiday home in Tauranga, where we drank, played cards, talked smack to each other, ate ice cream, and generally shirked our real-world responsibilities for three days. And Oh, it was glorious!

But you don’t want to know about that. You want links to interesting things. OK – here you go:

The Tom Araya Scream page is doing the rounds lately – can’t say I disapprove.


Photo from Gothic Fashion

I am discovering this amazing world of goth blogs, which are a little like metal blogs, except – not like metal blogs at all. They’re mostly written by women, and mostly about fashion, with a smidge of music and subculture stuff thrown in, which is OK by me since I’m a bit of a clothes whore when I’m not writing about metal or researching mead-brewing recipes (summer project – yes!) Anyway, I’ve been saving a few of my favorite articles for you guys:

Goth Community: Hipster Goth by Ghoulina Bones on The Life and Times of Bohemian Blitzkrieg (what a fucking cool name for a blog). Ever since I wrote that Am I a Hipster? post, I’ve been morbidly fascinated by this whole hipster thing. It seems goths are just as up-in-arms about hipsters appropriating their culture as metalheads are. I loved Blitz’s article as she explains exactly what it is about hipsters that makes our skin crawl, and why, ultimately, it’s not worth wasting our energy on.

Goth is a Phase by Darling Violetta. Since metalheads often suffer from the same derisive comments – “you’re a metalhead? Don’t worry – you’ll grow out of it” from non-metalheads, and “If you just had a ‘metalhead phase’, you weren’t a real metalhead” from the die-hards, I loved reading Violetta’s view on the same gothly concerns. Her conclusion – “who are we to judge? ” Many people embrace a subculture to help them deal with difficult situations, as it gives you an instant feeling of inclusiveness. When their problems abate, they may find they have no more need for the subculture. That doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t a real goth/metalhead/porn star … what’s a real metalhead, anyway?

Amy over on the Ultimate Goth Guide has great advice on goth clothing for work. A lot of this will apply to metalheads, too. Although I always like to remind people there are a LOT of jobs out there where what you wear to work doesn’t matter. If your priority is to wear a certain style of clothing to work every day, rather than seek out a specific profession, you should aim for a job without an officey dress-code.

Juliet’s Lace weighs in on What Defines the Subculture? The Great Goth Debate. Again, replace metal with goth and you’ve got a question we often ask ourselves. I addressed this a little in the Metalheads 101 series, and got a range of varied opinions – and metal is a bit different to goth as, clearly, to be a metalhead you have to listen to metal music, whereas goth seems to have evolved from the post-punk scene into a more rounded subculture. Interesting thoughts, at any rate.

Also, is it just me, or is it interesting that it’s mostly female bloggers in their respective subcultures who talk about social issues, whereas male bloggers tend to be more “here’s some shit I like”, and they’ll blog about that in a really in-depth way. Just an observation.

Taxidermia by A is for Arsenic

The new A is for Arsenic line – Taxidermia – a graphic world of dark Victoriana, memento mori, and macabre taxidermy –¬†launched this week, and it looks wicked as. And you can win a t-shirt and jewelry item of your choice by entering on Haute Macabre.

Time of Death – memento mori inspired watches. If I wore a watch, this would be on my Christmas list. (Currently on my christmas list, iTunes vouchers, a kitten, and a tub for my home brew)

Julia Wood has spent thousands of pounds designing the interior of her flat to look like a Victorian dream. The decor is awesome, and I bet she’s a rad lady in real life.

Also, thanks so much to everyone who voted for me in the 2012 NZ Bloggers awards. I came 3rd in the music blogging category, which I think is not too shabby considering the general audience of the awards is definitely not a metal audience.

What are you guys reading this week that’s awesome?

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December 22, 2011 at 8:37 am

Correction to my last comment: “It becomes easy to forget the mundane world is there at all.”

I really need to start proof-reading the stuff I write

December 23, 2011 at 12:06 am

@Jean-Phillippe – Goth was the scene I most wanted to be part of before I realized I was a metalhead. I love that they’re similar to me (us) but yet quite different – so we’ve always got something to talk about. And I love that there are so many different “types” of goths – cyber, traditional, Victorian, Lolita … it’s like metal genres, but with a whole subculture. And they have the most amazing clothes.

December 22, 2011 at 8:35 am

As a thrash and power loving metalhead, I’ve always had a deep respect and admiration for the goth subculture. They are who they are and they are not ashamed about it. Entering a goth club or fair is like stepping into another sphere of existence where beauty and art do not only live, they thrive, and it becomes easy to believe the mundane world is there at all.

Once again, I offer my deepest respect and admiration.

Up the Irons \m/

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