June 2, 2015

Linking Horn: Links from the Dark Side + Gallery Serpentine Giveaway Winner

Linking Horn

Ghost Meliora

Ghost Meliora

First of all, if you entered the Gallery Serpentine Giveaway, you’ll be pleased to know we picked a winner – Amanda Hoys, you’ll be receiving an email shortly and we’ll get your voucher out to you asap.

Now, on to the links!

Tracy Thorn wrote in interesting piece on the role of older women in rock: Whither we mature ladies, once our rock-chick years are over?

A cat cafe is going to open in Auckland! I am ridiculously excited about this. You can support the Cat Lounge Kickstarter and get an early bird ticket, a cuddle pass, or even name one of the cats!

Steampunk teardrop trailer.

Thanks Alex for linking to my Fear & Loathing & Squirrels post! Alex is on a mission to fight racism, sexism, albums and all the other evil ‘isms’ in the tech world. She’s a glitter femme hacker from hell and you should check out her site.

The cutest little webcomic – The Last Halloween.


I find languages quite fascinating, and throughout my life have made a study of no less than seven of them. Most of my interest is of languages that are no longer spoken – I’ve dabbled in Middle Egyptian, Akkadian, Ancient Greek, and Old Norse. I attempted some Finnish, got a bit comfortable with German, and muddled my way through French. I even spent some time seriously studying Tolkien’s elvish languages, Quenya and Sindarin. One day, I am going to get around to learning Esperanto, because the concept of a universal language invented in 1887 is fascinating. The Verge just published a fascinating article about Esperanto.

The Arachne Collection from Malgotzata Dudek.

Senior Citizen Street Art – Young graffiti artists teaching the olds how to do it.

The Supermarket of the Future Knows Exactly What You’re Eating. Fascinating.

6 Archaeological Finds Scarier Than Any Horror Film. Maybe I’ve been obsessed with archaeology for too long, but I think pits of severed hands aren’t all that scary.

Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen. A list from Dread Central. Lots of new titles to add to the watch list.

Photographer teams up with Haitian artists to turn tarot cards into real scenes. Also, if you want to see some more interesting photographic artwork, artist Annie Collinge hunts down bizarre dolls in thrift stores, then dresses people up like the dolls and creates series portraits. Why? WHY? This is way scarier than the archaeological sites above.

Feral House release some pretty intense book. Their latest is a memoir written by serial-killer Ian Brady. Will you read The Gates of Janus?

Yayayayay new Ghost album, Meliora, due out in August. Here’s the new track, Cirice – it’s available for free download here.

There are a few things I’ve been reading this week.