January 15, 2013

Linking Horn: Links in the Rue Morgue

Linking Horn


Yee gods, I’ve missed doing these link roundups!

First, a few bits of news from my various homes in the interwebs. Over on the Gothic Wedding Planner, I’ve put up a Sherlock Holmes Gift Guide, which is basically a bunch of cool handmade things you can buy if you’re Sherlock obsessed, as I am. Over on Problogger, my post – 40 Cool Things to Do With Your Blog Post After You Hit Publish – was officially the most popular post on that blog for 2012, and it was published on Dec 29! Yay!

I’ve also appeared in several local magazines recently, mostly in my capacity as a wedding celebrant. So if you’ve picked up a recent copy of That’s Life! NZ Women’s Weekly or My Wedding NZ magazines, you might see a familiar face!

Also, Shoggi the Corpsepaint Kitty is back. Here’s the latest comic:


I have some fucking cool news to tell you, but it has to wait 2-3 more weeks. I am going crazy here!

Brenocide from That’s Not Metal busts some poseurs. Missed you, dude!

The Macabre Mini World of Jim Doran. Morbid little paper tableaux by paper artist Jim Doran. These are awesome.

On and Off-stage etiquette, from Swashbuckle’s Commodore RedRum. Yeah, you know this is going to be hilarious …

Toumos Saukkonen, the brains behind Before the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn of Solace, Final Harvest and Routasielo, has shut down all these projects. That’s right – stopped ’em dead. Why? He’s working on a new project called Wolfheart. Islander’s got a great write-up and a review of the 1st official teaser – check it out.


It’s the Army of Darkness, Charlie Brown. Yes, this is awesome.

I’m not a Neil Gaiman fangirl (comics are pretty amazing, his novels aren’t), but I did love this: Gaiman draws comic for fan tattoo.

I’m warning you, if you click on this link, you will get lost down the rabbit hole of Earache’s bandcamp page.

Believe it or not, I was thinking of doing Haiku reviews this year, but No Clean Singing writer Andy Synn beat me to it.

Seven Abandoned Wonders of Industrial and Commercial Architecture. My husband really wants to see Bethleham Steel one day … maybe one day soon :)

Dear Nick Cave and Epica – you’re doing Aussie tours this year – we’re honestly not that far away, and we play nice. I promise.

Alchemy Works – online witchcraft supply store. If you ever wanted seeds for plants like Belladonna and Black Mandrake, this is the place for you.

Ovate is basically one of my favorite clothing labels, ever. Drapey fabric, long, lean silhouettes, runes and leather. Ruby Ruin does an interview with designer Audrey Cantwell.

The Worst Things for Sale – this is a great topic for a blog. Hilarity ensured.

Brooklyn Vegan now owns Invisible Oranges. I think this is definitely better than IO closing – it’s a great site. Good on the team for finding a solution.

Rockbetter – Norman Rockwell paintings, “improved”.