January 5, 2015

Linking Horn: Links of the Dark

Linking Horn


The first linking horn of the new year! (I suspect I’ll be starting posts like that for some time).


From the LastCraft shop, the hilarious New Wave Tarot Deck featuring all your favourite post-punk bands – including Siouxie Sioux, David Bowie, and Joy Division. I’m thinking of writing a piece in Feb about the origins of tarot. Interested?

Found the site Bad Witches the other day – obsessed! Here’s a classic article: 10 Signs You’re A Bad Witch.

From Messymessychic, An Insider’s Guide to the Unknown Kingdoms – read about some small and unusual kingdoms around the world that have seceded from their sovereign states. There’s even one – the Principality of Sealand – in international waters where you can buy yourself a Lordly title.

From the same site, The Heavy Metal Subculture of Botswana, Africa. Lemmy would be right at home with these guys. It’s really interesting to see this real grassroots metal culture growing up in such an unlikely place.

Amanda Palmer – the Most Hated Woman on the Internet. I’m a longtime fan of Amanda’s, and it interests me to see how much people comment about everything about her … except her music. That comment made often about her having a rich husband, as if that somehow invalidates all her achievements, has always stuck with me. I’m just finishing off her book, expect a review soon.

The days and nights of an NBA Groupie.

From the Dead: Businessman Resurrecting Canadian Ghost Town. His original plan was to revamp the town as a retreat for creative entrepreneurs, but now he’s thinking that natural gas in the area might be a valuable investment, and the town, that was abandoned quickly in the 1980s, might becoming a mining village once again.

From the Kisses & Chaos blog, which I’m enjoying reading at the moment, comes Getting Medieval (Sweets) on Your Ass – a recipe for candied fennel, which was a popular sweet during the mid-1500s.

15 Lovecraftian stories to read once you’ve read all of Lovecraft – need more tentacles? Here’s a reading list to sate your appetite. I’ve read (and enjoyed) The Shambler from the Stars, and A Colder War, and I enjoy some of Derleth’s stories, too (some are a bit so-so). I haven’t read that Neil Gaiman story, though. Anyone tell me if it’s any good? I’m a bit fussy about my Holmesian adaptations …

8 Sensational Female Murderers from History. Because, you know, we’re goffs and serial killers are cool.

Then and Now: The Rolling Stones French Villa of Debauchery – the photos are fascinating.

What are you reading this week?

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