June 14, 2011

Linking Horn: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Tr00 Metal Life

There’s been another couple of major aftershocks in Christchurch, right near where my husband has been doing some archaoelogy work. He’s OK (thanks to everyone for asking!) but until he arrives home safe and sound on Friday, I’m one worried Steff.

But the blog progresses as normal, and today is the day I link you up to exciting and eldritch things from all over the internet:


Rust in Peace: Portugal’s Eerie Anchor Graveyard depicts a fascinating site along Portugal’s Barril Beach. Hundreds of ship’s anchors, lined up and rusting in the elements, a memorial to the failing fishing industry.

Horror Movie Poster Wedding Invitation – I love this idea. It would work so well with any kind of party invitation.

OLD SCHOOL / NEW SCHOOL from No Clean Singing. This cracked me up.

Fancy a bit of sewing? Check out these pretty gothy fabrics from Michael Miller.

Black and Red Home Inspiration – I don’t often find modern home decorating pictures that I like, but these are stunning. Some people find the combination of black/red too dark, but I like the feeling of living in a dark, opulent cave.

Entity by Origin, reviewed on shuffle. Best review I’ve read all year, seriously.

Travelling to England? You should stay at some of these wacky and awesome UK hotels.

I’ve been quite addicted to Cvlt Nation lately. Not only do they make some of the most grymm tees I’ve seen in ages, they update 1-3 times a day with new reviews of extreme black, doom, grind and other noisy music. I have found so many new extreme bands through these guys, and really hoping they might have the tee I want lying around somewhere …

Oh, I’ve got some links for you, too! I interviewed La Carmina – gothic fashion and alternative travel blogger, about her business and jet-setting life.

I’m talking about metal albums I’m currently obsessed with over on the Lip Service webzine. I’ll be compiling my best of 2011 so far list shortly – any tips on albums I might be missing out on?


Corpsepaint Kitty tee shirt

Don’t forget to get your orders in for Steff Metal Corpsepaint Kitty t-shirts! I’m putting the first order through this week, so if you want it before I go away to Germany, you’d better get yours in pronto.

And, if you want to read one of the best posts I’ve ever written, check out How to Write Without Colour on the Men with Pens blog.