November 15, 2011

Linking Horn: Stepping up the Link

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Picture by the incredibly talented Jess Manning. More about this particular shoot soon!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! I’ve had a huge string of parties to attend, performed my first wedding ceremony as a NZ marriage celebrant (on the stage at the best local bar, followed by a night of live metal – what an awesome night), have changed all the servers for all my websites, and have just now somehow deleted all my old email folders. SO, if you have emailed me about anything in the last wee while, chances are, it’s fallen through the cracks, so feel free to email again on the contact page.

First of all, in case you didn’t catch the announcement, Corpsepaint Kitty – my weekly webcomic for metal cat lovers – is alive. Check out and submit your own heavy metal cat for the chance to win some kick-ass prizes!

And, also, a new blog project of which I am a writer has just been launched. For all the bands that email me asking how to get noticed as musicians, Think Like a Label is a blog with a shit-ton of advice for independent artists. It’s about doing everything a label would do – and more. Check out some of my posts: Working with a Cover Designer to Improve Your Album Art and Promoting Your Music: How to Keep the Momentum Going.

29-word Powerwolf review – reads like a christmas list of all my favorite things. Checking this album out, for sure.

Agent Provocateur, the lingerie I would wear if I were a rich, cigar-smoking writer, have released the short film – directed by Justin Anderson – to preview their new collection … with the soundtrack from a parisian-based metal band Omaha Bitch. I wonder if most men wish all horror films ended like this … check out the Agent Provocateur video here.

Back to Lovecraft – because when I think of Cthulhu, I always imagine a bluegrass soundtrack …

Zombie Safe House Competition. I thought people put WAY too much thought into these, but then I read 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen.

MaxR, writer of Metal Bandcamp, gives a great rundown of 10 metal labels on Bandcamp.

The Goth Workout. Because gyms are not Goth.

Couple Holds Hands for 1500 years. Awwwww. A friend of mine actually found a grave like this once. Amazing.

Peanuts Tarot deck takes your (read: my) Snoopy obsession to a whole new level.

38 Grafitti monsters that go beyond Halloween horror.

Abandoned Crypts. Love these photographs.

Right, and that’s me. What interesting things are you reading / doing this week?

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