March 25, 2014

Linking Horn: The Links of March

Linking Horn

For those of you new to the blog, Linking Horn is a feature I used to do regularly, once a week, where I’d create a list of interesting articles and random stuff I’d seen on the web. If you’ve seen anything interesting yourself, link it up in the comments:

Flynn, who is awesome, is selling this painting of Goat Island he did on TradeMe with a $1 reserve. He’s bloody good and this is such a typical kiwi scene, it would make a great gift even if you’re not into it yourself. So bid bid bid and give the fella some support!

I love Kim Werker (who runs a very successful craft business. She writes books and her blog sold to a craft company, etc. She’s rad). She wrote this great article about the business rhetoric that’s being sold to women. Let’s Leave the Woo-Woo Out of It. I completely agree with everything she says – nothing I do in the business realm (freelancing, etc) is connected to spirituality. It’s not yoga. It’s business. The end.

Hilariously outdated advice for women from Seventeen Magazine, 1967.

Embarrassing texts from mum. Yes, I know these things are silly, and probably largely invented by the writers, but damn they are hilarious.

See also: What’s his name again?

Thor Harris’ advice on “How to Live Like a King for Very Little.” Pretty much all true.

Start a fight with your wife using these simple tricks. From 1849.

Star Trek tarot cards. Yes indeedy.

MYX – OK, this is crazy. These lamps are made of plant fibres. On them, you can grow and harvest oyster mushrooms, then dry the lamp and use it as a fabric. So cool.

Armour Corsets.

From Weburbanist.

From Weburbanist.

Abandoned Underground – 10 Lost Subterranean Cities. I could stare at images from Weburbanist all day.

Hilariously NonThreatoning Monsters from Japanese Folklore. You thought Pyramidhead was scary? Try OldManGourdHead, sentient walls, and shapeshifting badgers.

Last week I talked about my adventures in Jordan. How funny that this week, blogger La Carmina posts her images from her recent trip to Petra.

No Clean Singing’s First Quarter Recommendations for 2014. Pleased to see Nightfell made the list. I’m going to post my five this week, hopefully :)

I’ve just discovered Natalie’s awesome blog, The Devil Wears Parsley, all about healthy recipes, nutrition, etc, but with a metal twist. Stay tuned for my upcoming guest post about simple mead-making.

Here’s a new video from Gojira, for their song “Born in Winter”.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s TED talk about fear and danger, called “What I learned from Going Blind in Space.” Amazing. I loved the ending of this.

In other news, next year I am going to Peru! I am quite excited. I am going with my mum. I’ve dreamed about going to Egypt since I was about 7, and I got to go in 2009. She’s been dreaming about going to Machu Pichu and seeing the ruins of the Incas since she was about 7, which is a lot longer then I’ve been dreaming. So we’ve decided that 2015 is the year we make it so. So if any of you have been to Peru, I am looking for advice, places to see, things to do, potential tour companies, and any info about alternative treks to Machu Pichu (I’m keen to do some hiking and don’t really want to do it with 500 other people). Also, I am wanting to take a side excursion to visit El Mirador in Guatemala, but am probably going to need a travel companion to make that possible. So if you’re keen for an adventure, hit me up!

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