May 3, 2011

Linking Horn for the first week of May

Linking Horn, Makes me Giggle

It has been a rather epic weekend – in between two parties where gorgeous friends plied me with alcohol, I shifted 2 cubes of wood (mixed – pine macracarpa and gum) – up the back of our house, by hand (no wheelbarrow) and STILL haven’t eaten all my easter chocolate yet. Also, our Blackmore’s Night tickets finally arrived! I hope your weekend was awesome too, and you’re ready for another weekend of hard core music, mischief and mayhem.


Cardrona Bra Fence

Border Wars: 12 Offensive Fences worth Picketing. I cannot believe the awesome stuff WebUrbanist manage to compile – this one in particular caught my attention as it features the famous Cardrona bra fence, and the toothbrush fence, AND the shoe fence, ALL located in my own homeland of NZ. The bra fence, sadly, is no more, but have a gander at some of the other epic boundary markers.

Because we all love cute, furry felines: Photos of cats chillin’ out on stuff.

Stunning mime shoot. Also, Dusk till dawn.

When I was about 15, I started adding items to a list of things I had to do before I died. The list was quite comprehensive, but by age 25, I’d manage to do everything on it, except “publish a novel”, so I carried that over to my new list. Here’s an excellent guide to writing a life list you’ll actually do. Would anyone be interested if I talked about my list and making a list and if this kind of thing actually makes you feel awesome or is just a huge waste of time?

5 Kinds of Bloggers You Meet in the Blogasphere. This is a crackup and every word is truth. I fit into the “Lifestyle Design”. If you’re interested in online entreprenurialship (is that even a word?) the rest of the blog is quite spiffy, also.

Karl Lagerfeld designs a hotel suite made entirely out of chocolate.

Spiders are wonderful – don’t read if you’re not keen on the creepy crawlies.

Medieval Weapon push-pins. O for Oarsome.

Groupmeh – a social network for the tragically apathetic.

A DIY Coffin. Fuck Yes.

I hate everybody who got to see An Evening with Amon Amarth. That’s right – every SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Just LOOK at that setlist! Bastards.

I’m in the process of totally re-grymmifying my other blog. If you run your own creative business (either full- or part-time) or know someone who does – I want to interview you!

What awesome links have you got to share this week?