September 21, 2015

Macabre Fashion, Space Exploration & Tour Shenanigans: 5 Badass Instagram Feeds I Follow

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chicken samantha macabre

Instagram is my latest obsession (apart from ). Mostly I follow fashion brands, because I like pretty, pretty clothes, and friends, because I like to see what they’re up to, and cats, because I like cat pictures. There is pretty much an instagram feed out there for any topic imaginable, and you’ll be surprised at who’s lurking on there, posting images from their everyday life.

Here are five instagram feeds I particularly enjoy:

Chelsea Wolfe @cheleaswolfe

chelsea wolfe instagram

With the release of Abyss earlier this year, Chelsea Wolfe has moved up to being one of my favourite artists ever. She’s also one of my favourite instagrammers. I love her grainy, lo-fi shots from the road, and this chick has wicked-good fashion sense. Through her pics I’ve discovered a ton of great bands and indie designers.

Jeremy Hush @jeremyhush

jeremy hush artwork

I found Jeremy’s feed through @sophireaptress, whose clothes are awesome, BTW. Jeremy is a Philly-based artist, archer, and adventurer. His work is incredibly complex, involving detailed studies of animals, mixed with dark elements in a traditional illustrative style. Jeremy posts viewings, and details of his current WIPs. When my new house is finished, one of his pieces are definitely going on the wall.

Samantha Macabre @samanthamacabre

chicken samantha macabre

The main wench behind Haute Macabre – which is basically the best fashion blog for the darkly-inclined – Samantha Macabre is a New Orleans goth / ex-suicide girl with a passion for books, cats, and the occult. Her fashion sense is incredible, her bookshelves are drool-worthy, and her two adorable hairless cats are little bundles of gremlin-happiness.

Christopher Bowes @hyperchrisz

alestorm instagram

Yes, the lead singer of Alestorm and Gloryhammer has an instagram feed, and it’s just as zany as you’d expect. Christopher’s feed is always filled with tour shenanigans, strange observations and general skullduggery. You can also follow some of Christopher’s associated hashtags, #ladsontour and #hookstagram. Hilarity abounds, often and especially in the comments.

CDR Kelly @stationcdrkelly

Scott Kelly instagram

My recent obsession with astronomy has led me to follow a range of awesome space-related instagram accounts. My current favourite is definitely astronaut Scott Kelly – he’s currently conducting an experiment on the long-term impact of space on the human body. Usually, an astronaut will only spend 3-6 months on the International Space Station, but Kelly is there for a year. And he’s sending back astoundingly beautiful images via his hashtag #yearinspace.

I follow a ton more interesting people, and I’m always looking for new feeds. Let me know your favourites!

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