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I’m sometimes called upon to talk about my work, my personal story, diversity, disability, the creative life, self-publishing, the gothic and the macabre, or other aspects of my current projects.

On this page, you’ll find some of my recent press clippings and appearances, as well as interviews with me, podcasts, and articles I’ve authored.

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About Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones, my Kickstarter children’s book about a grim reaper who gets bullied.

I grew up being bullied. Now I’ve written a book to help kids like me. A deeply personal essay about this project I wrote for The Spinoff.

I went on Radio New Zealand’s Nine Till Noon show with Kathryn Ryan to talk about bullying, writing, and why we chose a grim reaper as the main character. It was so much fun and I’ve been buzzing from the interview ever since. You can check out a recording on the RNZ website.

Blind and Bullied: Now a bestselling author, Steff Green’s next book is personal. did a huge feature about the book and my story as a kid who was bullied.

I wrote a piece about learning to write for children on The Big Idea.

Attitude Live featured a write-up about the book, as did Arts Access Aotearoa.

General features about me and my writing

steff green womens weekly

A recent article about me in the NZ Women’s Weekly.

I talk with Kelton Reid about rejection, productivity, perseverance, my obsession with heavy metal, ancient languages, and checklists, eating ribs with Nick Cave, and a funny story about my Kindle on the Writer Files podcast. Listen to part one and part two.

Women’s Weekly wrote a profile on me as an Attitude Award finalist (pictured above).

A recent piece I wrote on The Spinoff about the erasure of disabled characters in fantasy fiction.

Steff Green – shaping a new generation of readers. A profile of me and my work on Arts Access Aotearoa.

I commented on feminism in my writing for an article on Booksellers NZ.

Published essays and articles I’m proud of

My essay The Damned Mob Is Coming For Your Words won the #suffrage125 essay contest, and was published in The Big Idea.

I interviewed fantasy author Charlie Jane Anders for The Spinoff. Read the interview here.

About my role as an alternative wedding celebrant

Alternative wedding celebrant and author Steff Green officiates gothic ceremonies – article about weddings and romance books on the Daily Mail.

Green’s fantasy books and brides – article on about my journey to becoming a successful self-published author, as well as the gothic weddings I perform.

Appearance on Breakfast TV – I was invited onto NZ’s morning show Breakfast to talk about ‘surprise’ wedding ceremonies.

Under the Spotlight: Steff Green, gothic wedding celebrant – feature on Rock’n’Roll Bride.