July 10, 2009

Metal Gods launch Fashion Lines

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Following in the footstep of Gene Simmons (because we all know Gene invented fire and dinosaurs and swizzle sticks and everything else in the universe) Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) teamed up with different designers to produce their own lines of heavy metal-inspired fashion, according to this article in the Examiner.

This isn’t a new excursion for metal gods into fashion. ACDC, Metallica and Wolfmother have all produced clothing lines – mostly for surfing labels.

Lemmy’s collection for Hurley includes jeans, denim jackets, shirts, hoodies and t shirts, all featuring Motorhead’s iconic logo and quotes from the band’s songs and personalities. The release for this line is shrouded in mystery, but we’re expecting it to arrive … soon. Join their mailing list for updates.

Rob Halford’s Metal God Apparel (love you Rob!) features a line of t-shirts (set to expand in future months) adorned with skulls, roses, fire, wind, ice, and any and all decidedly metal emblams. I’m eying up the Divinity shirt with my credit card in hand.

Divinity, by Rob Halford of Metal God Apparel, $54.50

Divinity, by Rob Halford of Metal God Apparel, $54.50

Unfortunatly, we’ve all missed the pre-sale stock, which finished on July 6th, but they’re having some trouble with orders so expect a re-release any time from mid-August.

I can’t wait till the day Angela Gossow come out with a line of corsets (that woman has style) or Korplikaani release a chainmaille bikini collection … :)

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