March 26, 2011

Metal Mixtape: Blog4NZ Edition

Tr00 Metal Life

Since I’ve been blogging non-stop for Blog4NZ all week, I though it appropriate to have a NZ music mixtape. This one is mostly-non-metal, because I got all nostalgic making up my road-trip songlist from Ingredients of a Perfect New Zealand Roadtrip article. Enjoy – and don’t forget to come visit!

The Tutts – K

I am not normally one for this kind of guitar-driven pop stuff … actually, no, who am I kidding? This riff is just too catchy.

Supergroove – Can’t Get Enough

If ever there was a song that reminds me of NZ summers, growing up in a small town, and my first school, it is this song.

Headless Chickens – George

Ride along the Western Hills from Belmont to Normondale. And yes, we all drive like this. “George” is one of the BEST angry chick songs ever.

Fur Patrol – Holy

A favorite of mine in seventh form, although her lips always freaked me out.

Shihad – Run

Back when these guys released their first EP, they were pure metal. Now, they’ve moved their sound to radio-friendly rock, and they’re probably one of the most well-received local acts of the last two decades. They went off to the US in 2002, I think it was, to see if they could crack that market, but changed their name to “Pacifier”, because Shihad rhymes with Jihad and that just wouldn’t fly. When they bombed in the US they came back and changed their name back. If you ever get the chance to see Shihad live, they are incredible.

Diocletion – Order of the Iron Fist

One of our most successful underground black metal acts, Diocletion base themselves in NZ but regularly tour Europe, and have sold something like 15 000 records in Germany alone. This is really not my thing, but I know, objectively, this is great stuff – very chaotic, very frightening. Enjoy.

Human – Playtoilet of Despair

These guys are one of my favorite NZ metal acts, mostly because they’re great fun and don’t take themselves even remotely seriously. I was trying to find you a vid of them where I was in the crowd, but I couldn’t, so this one will have to do.

The Muttonbirds – Dominion Road

I used to live on Dominion road – halfway down in fact. There’s a supermarket there, but that’s not what this song is about.

Tadpole – Backdoor

Another great NZ rock band who I had the absolute pleasure to see live and hang out with a few times. This song always cracks my husband up, on account of the fact she’s a chick singing about … well …

Ulcerate – the Destroyers of All

If you listened to only one New Zealand metal band, it should be Ulcerate.

3 Comments on “Metal Mixtape: Blog4NZ Edition

April 5, 2011 at 5:11 am

I just checked out some Exordium Mors on youtube, very nice! Thanks for the tip!
Also, I’d forgotten about Dissolution from Christchurch, they’re thrashy but less blackened than Exordium Mors.

March 27, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Ulcerate is awesome.
One of my favorite EPs to listen to is by a New Zealand band from there in Auckland called Svartalvheim who I believe share members with Scaphist at any rate you New Zealanders know how make metal!

April 5, 2011 at 2:34 am

@byrd. Fuck yes! Love Svartalvheim! I’m ashamed to admit I’m only just starting to appreciate the incredible local talent we have. Another band you might like is Exordium Mors.

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