April 8, 2015

Metal Mixtape: Boring Girls Playlist

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boring girls steffmetal

boring girls steffmetal

I just reviewed Boring Girls, the new novel by Sara Taylor (Chibi from The Birthday Massacre). A bloodstained journey into the dark heart of the music industry, Boring Girls traces Rachel’s deadly coming-of-age — as the madness deepens, her band’s success heightens, and her taste for revenge grows ravenous.

All the bands in the book – DED, Gurgol, Heathenistic Bile, Ripsawdomy, etc. – are invented, which is probably a good idea, given some of the context. But the music Rachel loves and writes is instantly recognisable to me. I’ve compiled a little playlist here of some songs and artists that came to mind as I was reading this book:

Arch Enemy – “War Eternal”

You can’t have a metal playlist for this book and NOT include an arch enemy track. The most famous female-fronted extreme metal band now has a new vocalist at the helm (Alissa White-Gluz, from The Agonist), but I think they’re moving from strength to strength.

Straight Line Stitch – “Taste of Ashes”

Front woman Alexis Brown is probably the most prominent black women in metal today. Hardcore isn’t really my thing, but I do quite like these guys.

Chugun – Sadistic Rites

Denise Jani is fucking amazing. These guys are from Tel Aviv, Israel, and were one of the unsigned bands invited to play Wacken in 2010.

Otep – Smash the Control Machine

It’s pretty hard to read this book and not think of Otep, with all the white hair going on.

Cannibal Corpse – Fucked with a Knife

To me, these guys are always the founders of gore metal lyrics, and I thought of them many times during Boring Girls. (Although in real life, they’re all lovely dudes).

Carcass – Unfit for Human Consumption


The Agonist – Gates of Horn and Ivory

New vocalist Vicky Psarakis does this fantastic song justice. I’m definitely getting more into this band.

Arch Enemy – My Apocalypse

Angela is probably my favourite female metal musician. Her voice is just fucking awesome. Doomsday Machine is my favourite Arch Enemy album, and it was rad to be able to see these guys front row at Bloodstock Open Air 09.

The Birthday Massacre – In the Dark

It’s not often you can create a playlist for a book, and actually include the author’s own band in that list. From the best Birthday Massacre album – Pins & Needles – this beautiful gothic number. Enjoy.

What songs do you think of when you read Boring Girls? Add your picks into the comments or on FB. Haven’t read it yet? You can pick up your copy from Amazon. And while you’re there, why not grab a copy of my dark steampunk fantasy novel, The Sunken