September 4, 2014

Metal Mixtape: The Sunken – Steampunk Playlist

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children of a factory nations

I don’t usually listen to music while I’m writing, but when I’m planning a novel, or editing it, I’ve always got something playing. I like to choose songs that kind of evoke the mood of what I’m trying to write. You can see a playlist I made for my last book, At War With Satan, and today I’ve created a list of songs that have inspired or helped with the editing of my new book, The Sunken.

There aren’t too many metal songs that fit with this series, so this list is mostly random other stuff. But have a listen anyway – let me know what you think!

Jordan Reyne – Factory Nation

Jordan is a NZ singer-songwriter currently living in London. Her music is described as “bloodthirsty celtic folk artist with steam-era factory noise, and Grimms fairy-tale lyrics”. I’ve followed her music for several years, and her albums Passanger and Children of a Factory Nation are hugely influential to the mood I wanted to convey in the Engine Ward series. If my books were ever made into a movie, I hope this song would be on the soundtrack.

(there’s no video for this song, hence this weird second life belly dance thing)

Fear Factory – The Industrialist

The moment I heard this album, I knew it would become an important inspiration for this series. See my review of The Industrialist.

Nick Cave + Kylie Minogue – Death is Not The End

I’m a little Nick Cave obsessed. This Bob Dylan cover was always one of my favorites from the Murder Ballads album. As the series progresses you’ll begin to see why exactly this is a very appropriate theme song.

Nick Cave is coming to Auckland in December. Eeeeee! I’ve got my ticket!

Abney Park – Under the Radar

The quintessential “steampunk” band, I usually find Abney Park a bit too cheesy, but this song is catchy and fun and a little bit dark, as well.

Judas Priest – Alone

I realise nobody likes Priest’s Nostrodamus album apart from me. I admit it, I’m a philistine. (I think the whole two albums could’ve been condensed into one much better album, but I still like it). But this song is pretty awesome.

The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing – Brunel

Who doesn’t love a cockney punk song about their favorite Victorian engineer? This is hilarious. You should check out the album This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons; there’s zombie Prince Albert (the prince, not the appendage), Cthulhu in Margate, and a song about Victorian cures for masturbation.

Vernian Process – Behold the Machine

Another big “steampunk” band. You can hear a huge Pink Floyd influence in a lot of their music, which I dig.

Jordan Reyne – the Machines of B

Another song of Jordan’s because I love her. This one is about an engineer called B contemplating his life if his machines disappeared.

What songs are you listening to this week?

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Great playlist!

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